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The fact is, there are no clear cut scientific studies showing that aspartame causes any illnesses.    In fact, it has been one of the most well studied chemicals and is considered safe by scientists across the world.....this "doctor" is self-promoting a book  - thats all!

"Aspartame has been found to be safe for human consumption by more than ninety countries worldwide,[47][48] with FDA officials describing aspartame as "one of the most thoroughly tested and studied food additives the agency has ever approved" and its safety as "clear cut".[49] The weight of existing scientific evidence indicates that aspartame is safe at current levels of consumption as a non-nutritive sweetener"

When reviewing such topics, LOOK AT SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES, NOT THESE KINDS OF WEBSITES - For example, here is a scientific article:

Magnuson BA, Burdock GA, Doull J, et al. (2007). "Aspartame: a safety evaluation based on current use levels, regulations, and toxicological and epidemiological studies". Critical Reviews in Toxicology 37 (8): 629

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I suppose the troops having to be treated for Methyl Alchahol(Methanol) poisoning during Desert Storm was a hoax ??  Even if the chemical in it's present form isn't toxic, what it turns into within the body, or when subject to high temperatures, most certainly is.

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Desert Storm?   Changing the topic me the scientific articles that prove that aspartame is can't.   The fact is, the substance is consumed by millions and millions daily and is safe.    Sure, a select person may have a bad reaction here or there, but 3 out of 2 billion does not make it unsafe....this website is called quackery.

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I suppose that my own personal experience with this product concerning the cessation of pain in my upper arms and joints is imaginary in your opinion. The fact that the ONLY change in my life was the elimination of all aspartame products was simply a fluke. I assume that you are in denial concerning the other problems with our food supply and medications. The huge amounts of cash being paid out in court rooms all over our country by these companys are imaginary as well.

I have to wonder about your motivation in even posting here. This is a forum for people who have suffered and continue to suffer. I wonder why you choose to take time out of your day and malign an indiviual who spends her time to HELP people live healthier and achieve some relief from the pain that accompanies this horrible product.

I don't know what your angle is but I would be willing to bet the farm it's not in any individuals best interest. But prehaps I am being unfair. Prehaps you are suffering unexplained pain and symtoms and your search led you here. Could it be that your denial is self denial because you are questioning yourself?

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Yes, your personal experience is not relevant (not on a personal level - if your pain ceased, then that is great - but the reasons for it can be a multitude).....but one person "saying" that Aspartame "caused" this problem or that problem is not a valid scientific claim....that is referred to as 'anecdotal' for other additives and drugs....that has nothing to do with the topic on this thread.   Lastly, I have no angle, just to expose the quackery on this particular website re: Aspartame.

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mrosenfeld6, I feel sorry for people like you. Not only are you really dumb, but you're a jerk, too.

Dr. Hull, ban this loser.

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mrosenfeld6 - you are welcome to your own opinion, but I will suggest to you that you educate yourself with a more open mind. I also suggest that you learn to be more respectful of others.


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Thanks, Dr. Hull.  And thanks for all you do, especially to help our children. That guy had some serious issues, and this forum is to classy for the likes of him.

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You know, not everyone believes the truth about the diet sweeteners and aspartame, but I am forever puzzled why some people argue so adamantly against the fact that it has been proven to be toxic. It really doesn't make sense to me. Sad. Very sad.

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You speak of AGENDA, what is yours ?  I've been sitting here trying to work it out and nothing really comes to mind.  If you thought this Website was "nonesense" then why would you even give it the time of day ?

BTW you have already been asked what your agenda is and you failed to answer the question.  I have more questions for you but will wait untill you have answered this one.

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mrosenfeld7 wrote: if someone posts on this site, they must have an "agenda" as you call it.    The fact, is I have no agenda....I stumbled upon the site by accident and started reading all of the nonsense.   

I simply ask for the scientific evidence that aspartame is DANGEROUS and no one has directed me to it - not even the "DOCTOR".       Personal testimonials of a bad experience is not, if that were the criteria, then Dr. Hull can start a page about all of the natural products that harm people - for instance, Peanuts.    There are tons of people that cannot consume peanuts because of side-effects or even possible death.   Should it be banned?       

Point is, anecdotal evidence means nothing and and isolated reactions to any substance does not in fact prove or mean something is in fact dangerous.  I know on a personal level I cannot consume MSG because I have a negative reaction to it (not lethal of course), but I do get a reaction from it, so when I order Chinese food, I say, no MSG.       

A chemistry lesson:

1)  The average diet cola contains about 200 milligrams of aspartame. About 1/10 of that aspartame gets metabolized into methanol.

For comparison, a serving of tomato juice the same sizes as a can of diet cola will produce about five times the methanol in your body as the aspertame in the diet cola.    Fruits, fruit juices, vegetables, wine and beer will also produced methanol when digested. The chemical plant in your body can handle it in moderation, even in excess.     (DOES DR. HULL ADVOCATE BANNING FRUIT AND VEGETABLES?)

2) Formaldehyde build-up has not in fact been detected even when 200mg/kg is given to humans (which is a huge amount).  Even when large does of direct methanol (which is what breaks down into formaldehyde) were given to monkeys, it did not produce formaldehyde build-up.

Bottom Line: there is no scientific proof that aspartame is dangerous.   I have been drinking diet coke for the past 20 years with NO HEADACHES, SEIZURES, MS, PARKINSONS, CANCER, etc.      How could that be if it so toxic and dangerous? 


Actually peanuts and peanut butter have been banned in all schools in Australia.  You have prompted me to do some more reading, though not as much as i would like due to my busy schedule.  One of the biggest problems with your argument for me is Methanol has a half life of 30-50hrs in the Human body, so if one were to drink beverages, daily(say within 12hrs of one another), that either have or produce Methanol then wouldn't it build up to Toxic levels over time in the body ?

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Personally,I dont need scientific prove that aspartame is toxic.I would want to believe,just like you,that aspartame is non-toxic if i didnt have bad,bad experience with that.Honestly,before I got sick (Graves disease) I even didnt know what is aspartame.Only when I got sick and finding a reason why i got sick I read about aspartame and its toxicity.I removed aspartame (which was in Orbit chewing gums and diet Pepsi which i consumed).After one month,when I did second lab test everyone was asking me,what did i do,and what therapy Im using because every doctor will tell you that Graves disease is incurable.And I cured it!

And second thing,You should know aspartame topic is political question.Highly political question.And its not a secret that FDA is controlling every scientific research,so the research will show what they want us to believe.And politicians are controlling FDA

And before you say anything about Dr.Hull,you should know that millions of us,including me are very grateful to her because it takes courage and big heart to share with us her story to help millions of people who diagnosed with incurable disease are hopeless.And now there is hope that even incurable disease can be cured naturally without dangerous therapies.And above evrything,you need faith in better tommorow and believe that you have so much things to do in life.

Cheers to everyone

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I got PROVE and that prove is blood tests before and after I started the detoxification.Only one month before my TSH antibodies TSHR-Ab were 0.7(reactive) and now they are <0.3(non-reactive) that means I dont have Graves anymore.And I NEVER took any pill for thyroid,I only removed aspartame and all artificial sweetners.If the detoxification didnt work,how antibodies vanished????

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I got PROVE and that prove is blood tests before and after I started the detoxification.Only one month before my TSH antibodies TSHR-Ab were 0.7(reactive) and now they are <0.3(non-reactive) that means I dont have Graves anymore.And I NEVER took any pill for thyroid,I only removed aspartame and all artificial sweetners.If the detoxification didnt work,how antibodies vanished????

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No matter what I had,the test showed Graves disease.There is no such disease called ''Aspartame poisoning'' in medical dictionary.The doctor will give you treatment for Graves disease.And I cured myself removing aspartame.So the question is ''How many people destroyed their lives going to RAI therapy and other dangerous treatments thinking their aspartame poisoning is Graves disease?''

And second thing,Im not English to spell words right.Im Serbian and Im sure my English is better than your Serbian

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TSHR-Ab antibodies ARE proof that I had Graves.TSHR antibodies make difference between Graves and other thyroid diseases.

And who guarantess you that you will not have Aspartame reaction and turn you to Graves one day? I think its better to warn people

And peanuts,orange juice and things you mention do not cause Graves or other autoimmune disease,no matter how allergic are you

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mrosenfeld7 wrote:

I was never disresepctful to anyone.

I don't believe it. In a previous post you said distinctly:

"your personal experience is not relevant"

And then you wonder why the moderator calls you a jerk. This website is for sick people who are trying to get well. Our personal experience being sick is extremely relevant. If Aspartame

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mrosenfeld7 wrote:

personal experience is not relevant to scientific endeavors.

You must be either stupid or dense, because the point of this discussion board in NOT science. Most of us have a healthy disrespect for science, since it is sponsored by giant greedy corporations that produce poison without telling us. We occasionally cite scientific evidence that suggests there is a conspiracy of silence about Aspartame

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Guys, I apologize for this loser, mrosenfeld7. I have banned him, and will continue to do so as he tries to get back in. I did delete his nasty posts, but some of his horrible comments are within your replies.

This is a perfect example of how aspartame affects people - it alters normal emotions and twists a healthy cognitive function. I think this person has shown us all that aspartame makes people angry, unstable, and just plain disrespectful, closed-minded, and mean. Aspartame DOES affect people - we have all just seen this for ourselves.

So, I am sorry for such a negative spin on my Forum - this is a place for those who KNOW that aspartame is a proven toxin. How dare anyone - ANYONE - ever doubt a person's personal experience.


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I noticed that this psycho first came in as mrosenfeld6 and then Dr. Hull banned him and he came back in as mrosenfeld7. He obviously has a problem and has NO RESPECT for those of us who KNOW WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT, no respect for the research that proves aspartame is a "political" toxin, and must have some sort of wacky addiction to aspartame that has affected him or her.

Why do people act like such jerks these days? Maybe it's because they are living on aspartame, you think?? Or maybe they are stockholders in Monsanto.

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This "psycho" is actually a licensed doctor, married with two wonderful kids...It is funny how people said I insulted others, when in fact, all I am reading above, are insult after insult.....referring to me as a "LOSER" - "PSYCHO", etc.    This is CLASSIC SIGNS OF QUACKERY - anyone that tries to interject reason and science into the equation is lambasted and put down as a "Loser", etc.....

I find it funny that as soon as Dr. Hull sees someone disagreeing with her views, she bans them......I guess it hit home about the bogus hair analysis scam that she runs... and my exposing that would not be good for "business"so she removes it......

To date, I have not seen one scientific article regarding the dangers of Aspartame......Affects cognitive functioning?? - that is laughable and completely unproven......Once again, Personal experience is NOT SCIENTIFIC.....It is considered anecdotal and unscientific......LMAO.....


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"A perfect example of how the public can be misled is a recent Internet article by a Nancy Markle that has taken on a "cyberlife" of its own. The article alleges that aspartame (a sweetener found in food and beverages) causes lupus, multiple sclerosis (MS) and other diseases and conditions, none of which has any scientific validity. Highly respected health professional organizations were fraudulently associated with the story, and numerous vulnerable people were needlessly frightened by this scientifically false allegation.

One of the marvels of the Internet is that as easily as you can receive inaccurate information, you can search for and find accurate information. If consumers were concerned about the alleged aspartame connection with MS, they could check the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation's Internet site for accurate information.

David Squillacote, M.D., senior medical advisor of the MS Foundation wrote in his response to the Internet scare, "This series of allegations by Ms. Markle are almost totally without foundation. They are rabidly inaccurate and scandalously misinformative." Fortunately, numerous reliable organizations, Internet sites and publications have refuted this particular epidemic of hysteria and provided additional context for consumers."

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Being a Doctor I am surprised at you.  I would have thought you would have been happy that people are getting better, or even just feeling better, regardless of the method or even what YOU think of the method.  Scientific or not I have benefitted greatly from this Website and is has not cost me a cent.  Personally I do not believe that Aspartame is safe and I have logically and methodically proved it to myself.

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Actually the more I think about you and who you are(in regards to Profession) I thank...(insert Deity here)...that you are not MY doctor.  Because if you where your closed mindedness would be boardering on violating your Hippocratic Oath, "do no harm".  If I had come to you with my symptoms and told you I drank 2-3lt of diet crap a day your response would have been something like "that's not it because Aspartame is safe", right ? I honestly don't know where I would be right now if I continued to drink crap with Aspartame in it !!  I feared I was seriously headed for a stroke, which is worse than death in my mind, due to the massive hypertensive spikes(while taking anti-hypertension meds) I was experiencing due to ASPARTAME !!  I recommend you pull your head in and start thinking outside the square.

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1) I am not a medical doctor, 2) I am a PhD. 3) Of course it is a nice story that people get "better" - but claiming that it is due to Aspartame once again is considered anecdotal and is not considered a valid measure for determining if the 2 naturally occurring proteins are harmful....the current SCIENTIFIC evidence and studies that have been conducted indicate that it is safe when used as a non-nutritive sweetner......Once again, a "personal" story, while possibly touching, is not evidence of anything because there are so many variables that need to be controlled for, which DOES NOT occur on a personal level.       And, if you want to stay on the personal level, why is it that every single person I know that uses Aspartame REGULARLY for years....does not have any obvious ill effects from it - no STROKES, MS, LUPUS, GRAVES, SEIZURES, COGNITIVE DECLINE, etc.     If it in fact caused these things, then wouldn't one see this happening?

Don't worry, I plan on contacting the State of Texas attorney general regarding the bogus claims on this site, including Dr. Hull's bogus Hair Analysis scheme....

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