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It took more than 20yrs for the symptoms of Aspartame poisoning to manifest themselves in me.  I kick myself now that I didn't heed previous warnings about Aspartame.

Tell me this.  If one of your friends, yourself, or family, that are drinking diet coke(or whatever), were slowly getting sicker and sicker, where doctors could find nothing wrong, would you advise them to stop drinking it for 30 days as suggested by this Forum ?

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Re: Webiste Is Nonsense

Absolutely! Whenever aspartame is used and health symptoms begin and slowly but surely get worse - and most importantly, when the docs can't "see or find" anything wrong - then always, ALWAYS remove the aspartame. How many times have people been told that their health concerns are caused by "sress", yet aspartame is used all day, every day? Stress, my foot! Most docs are too busy (or lazy) to take the time to work with their patients to find the cause of their health problems and/or have been told not to touch this aspartame issue with a barge pole.

One month should let the person know that the aspartame is the cause.