Topic: Grave's Disease Case History

Hello to everyone.My name is Maria and Im almost 20 years old now.I was on strict diet and since I wasnt allowed to eat sugar and i
liked sweet food,i used Orbit chewing gums to feel sweetness.I also used to
drink diet Pepsi in my high school,and i didnt realize it contains
aspartame.In fact,then I didnt even know what is aspartame.Later,when i turned
19 and decided to go on a diet.And after regular blood tests the first doctor
diagnosed me with Graves disease,since my TSH antibodies were too high (0.7)
and my TSH was 0.004.Other doctor didnt give me therapy but he said lets wait
one month and u will go to test again.I didnt want to wait.I went to the internet and found out that aspartame causes many problems including Graves
disease.I looked at Orbit which i consumed every day 10 chewing gums,and it
contained aspartame.I immediately stopped using all food which contained
artificial sugars and started eating as much raw food as i could and drinking
at least 2 liters water per day.Now after one month,i went to the second
tests,and they showed a miracle-TSH antibodies were gone,and TSH is getting
better.The doctors in lab didnt believe Im not under therapy.I just wanna say
to all people diagnosed with any medical problem-dont lose faith and believe,believe,believe
you are gonna be alright and never lose hope.And its very important that you
choose a right doctor with a lot of experience because lack of experience of a
doctor can lead you to get wrong diagnose.Take care everyone and good luck!

Re: Grave's Disease Case History

Go Maria!!!! You are awesome!