Topic: Reversing the effect of Paraneoplastic Cerebellar Degeneration

I have watched my best friend degenerating before my eyes for three years now. He was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and was treated with success but the debilitating effects of Paraneoplastic Cerebellar Degeneration have taken their toll on him. My question is;
(1) what kind of doctor are you? not being negative just looking for information
(2) is reversing the effects of a demyelinating disease a viable approach to attacking this? Is there any way to do that? IF so is there any way to do that with diet?
(3)From what I understand its an autoimmune response-primarily T cell attacking the normal proteins- related? Do I have that correct.

I have a lot of training so I would understand a lot of the terminology but please keep it simple the answer would be forwarded to the individual suffering form this debilitating process. His name is Dennis. My name is Richard.

Re: Reversing the effect of Paraneoplastic Cerebellar Degeneration

Hi Richard. I am a PhD academic. I am an environmental engineer, environmental toxicologist,  and I teach Environmental Science on the college level. So, I deal with people pollution - how toxins affect the body. It's important to know the causes of health issues, and one typically cannot heal a health issue if the cause is not addressed and removed.

If the nervous system in which the myelin sheath of neurons is damaged, something caused the damage. So, in order to stop more damage, the "reason" needs to be uncovered. And if damage that is already done can be repaired in any way, the proper nutrients in which to assist the body in healing must be replaced. This is a cause and effect philosophy, and one no doctor should disagree with. Why not find the cause, remove it, and then try to restore the damage in any way possible.  Bottom line, find the cause.

To answer your question, I would say that no sole cause is the answer to this - when the nervous system/the myelin sheath of neurons is damaged, the reason must be pin-pointed. Typically in today's world, a common cause is methanol, which is rampant in our diet. But war chemicals can cause this, industrial chemicals, radiation....

One critical key to wellness is believing that the body can heal, or at the very least get better. One must have faith that this is possible. Does this help you any?