Topic: Doing Research on Aspartame for College Composition II

Hello Dr. Hull,

First let me introduce myself.  My name is Tina S. Pease.  I am a current Environmental Policy and Management student of Kaplan University.  I have been employed with a Hazardous Waste Treatment Facility that treats waste from the photographic industry since 1988 and I also have ran my own Hazardous Waste Transfer Facility for Waste Oil.  Anyhow I read about you from your website on aspartame and I read and was so very impressed by your biography and seem very well educated on the substance aspartame.  I am currently doing research on aspartame for my final paper due in about a month and from all my research I am finding out how deadly of a substance aspartame is.

But since I am doing a academic research paper and to show that one is not biased and is able to show the other side, I found a report "Aspartame Should Receive the Lowest Possible Priority for Further Cacinogenicity Review" written by F. Jay Murray.  I thought he must be paid by G.D. Searle but I can not find any reference to Searle at all and he states that aspartame is safe for consumption.

here is the link to the report if anyone is interested in reading it: … mments.pdf

This report seems to make aspartame so harmless and we all know just how bad it really is.  From reading this report I can see why people would think that aspartame is totally harmless and that is why they keep consuming it.  Please let me know your thoughts so I can incorporate them into my paper.

Thank you,
Tina S. Pease

Re: Doing Research on Aspartame for College Composition II

Tina, the research competition has been going on since the 1960s, and before I pay attention to any research about aspartame, I check to see who performed the study. If it is a corporate funded study, I don't even bother to read it because I know the bunk it will say. EVERY corporate study says aspartame is safe - most independent studies show aspartame is a carcinogen, among other things such as causing infertility, diabetes, and fetal deformities.

In my book, Sweet Poison, I write about the original research history and the he-said-she-said competition between independent research versus corporate research. It is documented on the web, too.

But, facts are facts. The FDA's approval process is actually set up to defend truth and freedom, but it has been abused and the process has some very serious flaws. Loopholes abound and the system has many faults.

Don't be naive - aspartame's approval process has been taken advantage of, and the corporate research proving aspartame is safe does not match the independent research proving that aspartame is toxic.