Topic: Essential Oils for Acne prone Skin

There are several oils that specifically address acne concerns. Geranium, rosemary, lavender and cedarwood are great for regulating and balancing oily skin. Bergamot and lemon are good for antibacterial cleansing and spot treatments. Peppermint, tea tree oil and calendula have great antiseptic and healing properties. Acne-prone or oily skin can also benefit from lightweight oils such as jojoba, almond, borage or evening primrose.

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One can't go wrong using products with natural herbs and nutrients. It's healthy anyway you look at it.

Many times, skin problems, like acne, are due to a deeper issue present, though. It is always good to research what is under the skin or circulating through your body that is causing this. Think about this, too. I recommend doing a microbe cleanse or checking to see if arsenic or another toxin is inside your body. Have a hair analysis done to see what's going on.

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My breakouts (well in my past now) were due to Candida. No topical thing would resolve this issue. I had to cleanse internally to stop the breaking out. Good skin products helped, yes, but I had to cleanse from the yeast.

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Using natural recipes that contain "fullers earth clay" which is used for oily/acne prone skin will help those who suffer with this as well.

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