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Cool. Online vitamin shopping is great.

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you do have to be careful buying any supplements online always try to use reputable brands and aleays read the labels to ensure exactly what you are taking

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lavender - good advice. This is why I have the Vitamin Directory so people can purchase on-line the brands that I have researched for quality - the ones on my directory at

When selecting the vitamins you need, you do have to keep going back to my Directory to find the product labels for the various vitamins, but these are the best to select from.

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general - your comment is excellent advice, and it makes me think about ALL the pharmaceuticals docs recommend as safe during pregnancy. Holistic practitioners know this is ludicrous, and some research is finally trickling out how prescription drugs are harming a fetus, but not enough media coverage is out there in proportion to the harm that is being done.

Be cautious of anything unnatural when pregnant, and I have this Rule-Of-Thumb: only eat or drink what you'd put in your baby's bottle, you know!?