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I wanted to thank you, Dr Hull for your book on "Sweet Poison." 

Four weeks ago, I started taking medication for hyperthyroidism caused by Graves Disease; 10mg 3 times a day.  Although, my blood tests came back negative for any auto-ammune disease the Radio Active Iodine (RAI) scan showed my thyroid was craving 55% of the iodine and it was concluded that it was caused by Graves.

Looking for answers as to why I was the lucking one in my family to get this, I went to the book store to find a book about the subject.  I bought a book called "Living Well with Hyperthyroidism and Graves disease."  After a few chapters into the book, they mentioned aspartame and your book "Sweet Poison."

I was stunned by what I had read and one week ago today, I stopped all consumption of aspartame.  I've been doing fine on the thyroid medicine.  In fact the first few days on the medication, the pressure behind my eyes had gone away and my vision was almost back to normal. 

Then today, an hour after taking my morning thyroid pill my vision became very blurry, my heart started racing, I felt light headed and started feeling a little sick to my stomach.   It started to concern me but after about 5 or 6 hours my symptoms started going away again and I concluded that my thyroid must be getting back to normal, so I decided to skip my afternoon pill and my symptoms continued to improve.  By this evening I was back to normal again.  Knowing that I shouldn't stop taking my meds, I decided to cut my pill in half and only take 5 mg.  Again after about an hour my blurred vision was back.  So, I'm calling my Endocrinologist tomorrow morning to see if I can get in for a thyroid test to see if my thyroid is back to normal.

Thanks again for all your research on this subject.

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What did you find out? Any updates?

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Well, patient50313, you read my experience with this in Sweet Poison, and I weaned myself off my meds without my doctor knowing about it, and I cured myself. I never had Grave's Disease - I had Aspartame Disease, but my Internist didn't know the difference. I knew more than he did.

Thank you for your kind words about my book, and now you must do the hardest part of this - BELIEVE IT. And believe in yourself. Believe that your body can heal when the cause of your illness is removed. Believe it! My doc said Grave's Disease cannot be cured. Well, this was back in 1991 - hum. Do you think I'm cured????? You bet I am !!!!

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Well, I'm happy to report that after being off aspartame now for 47 days my thyroid levels are back into normal range!!! 

When I went into see my endocrinologist on October 11th for my 6 week follow-up, I told her that I was struggling to figure out what dosage of thyroid medicine I should be taking that any amount I took made my eyes so blurry I could hardly see to do my job and so irritated and gritty I could hardly stand it.  I asked her about aspartame and that I thought that since I was no longer consuming it that my body must be rejecting the thyroid medicine.  I think she thought I was some crazy lunatic.  She didn't believe it and discounted everything I was telling her and told me to go back to taking the 10 mg of methimazole three times a day.  I just looked at her in disbelief.  Even it she didn't believe it was the aspartame, I expected her to help me to figure out what was going on.  She must of seen the frustration on my face so she agreed to let me go on 5 mg 3 times a day but I knew that wasn't the right dosage either because I had already tried 2.5 mg only twice a day and it still made my vision blurry.  I could tell she was done talking about it, so I left her office very frustrated and made an appointment to see a different endocrinologist at different clinic 30 miles away. 

On October 27, I went to see this second endocrinologist and by this time my vision had returned to normal, the pressure behind my eyes were gone, the terrible grittiness and dry eyes were gone, the sleepy toes that I had first thing in the morning after crawling out of bed were gone and my hip joint pain that I've had for years was also gone.  This doctor LISTENED and TOOK NOTES.  He was stunned but agreed that it was very possible that consuming so much aspartame caused by thyroid to become very sensitive to it.  He told me that he had only one patient that had recovered from Graves Disease so quickly and he didn't know how she did it nor did he know what she had been eating or drinking.  He told me that it was very rare to have Graves Disease go into remission this quickly that usually patients must be on thyroid medicine for a year or two before it will go into remission and then he said only about 20% of patients are lucky enough to have that happen.  He ordered a thyroid test, liver test and an auto-ammune test.  A few days later, I got the results and all were normal except the thyroid was not quite in normal range.  He and I agreed to stay off the thyroid medicine and wait and see if it would return to normal on its own.

This past Monday I had a followup with my regular physician who was also amazed by my story and she ordered another thyroid test.  This time the thyroid test showed it was back in normal range.  I go back in another a couple weeks to have it checked again and then I have a  follow up with the second endocrinologist in another month.

I am so thrilled to have my thyroid back to normal and never will I miss treat it again by consuming aspartame.  For such a small organ, it sure holds a lot of power and controls so many things in your body.

Thanks again for everything.

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I forgot to mention in my previous post that I stopped all thyroid medicine on October 19th after being off the aspartame for 25 days.  It took another week for my vision to completely return to normal and stop fluctuating.

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I think one of the toughest things about this is believing it can really be the aspartame. Doctors make you feel so stupid any time you mention aspartame or the diet sweeteners are causing your health problems. They scare you and shame you if you don't blindly follow their advice. I find more and more these days that their advice is crap, and that the expensive tests they make you do are not accurate anyway. At least they could be open-minded and pay more attenton to their patients.

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patient50313 - you make my work worth every second that I spend keeping the word out about aspartame dangers. So many people don't believe this because the FDA approved aspartame and because their doctors tell them aspartame is safe. Sadly I have to watch these people get sicker and sicker, while the companies selling aspartame get richer and richer, and the doctors remain wrapped in egos that are harming people.

When someone like you is brave enough to believe in themselves, smart enough to know the truth, and spiritual enough to stand tall amid the darkness in this world, I say thanks that there is hope for our future.

My greatest admiration goes out to you for your strength. Now, pay it forward and help enlighten others, too!

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I certainly plan to share my good fortune with others.  In fact, I work for a newspaper company and my boss has already suggested that I talk to an investigative reporter here and have my story published in the paper.   I think once I have another normal thyroid test then I'll go talk to one of our reporters.

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Great. Please contact the writer because getting the word out any way we can is the best, and right now the only way to inform others of the truth about the artificial sweeteners.

Let us know your final test results.