Topic: Have just been diagnosed with MDS

I am a diabetic  type1 for over thirty years, and have used diet drinks with aspartame in all the time.  I have just found out that I have MDS and was wondering what I should do to improve my qualitty of life.

Any advice would be most appreciated

Many Thanks

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Re: Have just been diagnosed with MDS

Research from cancer research centers in Europe have proven that aspartame causes leukemia, and you have been using aspartame for three decades. Now you have been diagnosed with MDS. Coincidence?

I know this next comment is hard to understand, but the research also shows that aspartame, and sucralose, make diabetes worse. Some researchers think aspartame causes diabetes. I believe that it does.

So, what to do?  Avoid them all. It is possible to be diabetic and NOT use the diet sweeteners. Use stevia or the pink packet and then avoid all the chemicals that you can. The more raw your diet, the better. Protein is good, and avoid processed oils, simple carbs, and junk food.

Re: Have just been diagnosed with MDS

Check out this video.  There is a clinic in Arizona where Type1 and Type2 Diabetics are cured of their disease within 30 days.  Amazing!

Re: Have just been diagnosed with MDS

Many times when diabetes is due to diet and it is addressed before any harm to the pancreas is done, restoring health can be done in a short period of time.