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I happened onto this forum while searching for info on Aspartame.  After 8 years of being overweight and doing everything I should to lose weight (smaller portions and exercise) I'm wondering if Aspartame and other artificial sweetener chemicals are at the root cause of my inability to lose weight.  I'm currently eating very small portions and run 1-2 miles 4-5 times per week and am only able to lose about 1 pound every 3 weeks.  I truly feel that my metabolism is unnaturally slow and must be caused by something I'm putting in my body. 

I have tried to trace back when the weight gain began and it all seems to have coincided with my sugarless chewing gum habit.  Recently I've begun to have marked hair loss which has caused me to begin researching if the sugarless gum habit could be the cause.  I'm also on estrogen replacement patches since a hysterectomy 4 years ago which I'm wondering if they could be a contributing factor as well.

The deeper I look into artificial sweeteners, I realize that they are DEEPLY entrenched in our food supply here in the U.S.!  I'm shocked!

I have a question about sorbitol.  Is it detrimental in the same manner as Aspartame?  I just realized this morning that my shredded wheat breakfast cereal has sorbitol in it.  Good grief!

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You are right on track with your conclusions. Purdue University has proven in research studies that the artificial sweeteners cause weight gain. So that's your #1 big answer. #2 is the fact that diet sweeteners are in thousands of products, and more and more are not labeled as sugar-free. Gum, mints, medicines, even body products have these chemicals in them. You MUST read all your labels these days.

I prefer buying products without any of these sweeteners added. I have learned to not add any extra sweetness, just like I don't add any extra sodium to anything. I enjoy the natural flavors of real foods.

Sorbitol is an extracted fruit sugar, and it is not toxic like aspartame or sucralose, but in an isolated form, it can cause stomach cramping and IBS symptoms. Mainly because it is too concentrated and typically, too much is used.

Keep up the good work.

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Just use natural sugar. That's what my grandma ate and she was healthier than most people today. And try to buy products that have as few chemicals in them as possible. Add your own sugar.

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I try not to add any extra sugar or salt to anything, especially if I am eating raw and natural foods. Real food is rich in the taste of sweetness and sodium. Real food is actually fun to eat.