Topic: Aspartame -- What can be done!!!

I'm just appalled as many of you are as to the dangers and lack of concern in the food industry in regards to this dangerous additive...

Really, are we that complacent that we don't care what is being put in our food!!! And this has been going on for decades!!! I'm just pissed that there's no change in sight to have the food industry step it up and get real with their additives!!!


Re: Aspartame -- What can be done!!!

For now, all we can do is keep the information out there any way we can. The Internet has been our best hope because it is not "owned" by the big corps that produce and market these dangerous food chemicals. The AMA pressures most doctors to stay away from this topic, and university researchers find it hard to get research grants if it involves aspartame or sweetener safety.

Sadly, the suppression of the truth about these dangers is real, and it IS extremely unjust.