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I started drinking diet sodas when I started my first diet about 20 years ago. About 4 years later, I started to experience muscle pain. It was diagnosed as Myofascial Pain Syndrome.  What followed was 10 years of opiate addiction, to the point of being on Fentenal patches at the highest dose available. It was a higher level than my Father-in-law was on in the last weeks of his life, as he died from cancer. At the point of suicide, I was saved by a Doctor that by chance I ran into. After a month in two hospitals, detoxing, and almost dying once, I was off the medication, but still living with chronic pain. It's been about 6 years, drug free, but in a tremendous pain, and still drinking 10 to 15 44oz. diet sodas a day.

Could after all that I've been through been caused by my soda habit? If so, can quitting really be the cure?

Has anyone else been diagnosed Myofascial Pain Syndrome, cured by eliminating aspartame?


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EDIT: I looked up your diagnosis and it is actually Myofascial pain syndrome and not necessarily in the face as your misspelling suggested. But I already wrote this so I am leaving it.


Sorry to hear your troubles with the dark side of caitalism. I don't know what Myofacial Pain Syndrome is, but I can tell you that a verified symptom for me is jawbone joint (TMJ) pain along with tinnitis, bruxism and dizzyness. Since these were always sensitive areas for me anyway, I am sure the Aspartame

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Thank you for the correction. My pain is throughout the entire body. It's like when you have a really high fever, and the body aches it causes.

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Sounds like you have a toxic load circulating inside of you or saturating your muscles. Time to detox.