Topic: Day 30 of detox and feeling worse?

Hello I was a very heavy aspartame user for 7 years.  After becoming aware of all the negative impacts it has on the body I decided immediatly to detox.  I never stumbled across your website until now.  So all I have done to detox is completely remove it from my diet, take a multivitamin, increase water intake, exercise, increase fiber intake and take probiotics.  I am now on day 30 and for the past week have started to get daily headaches after a 3 week reprieve (I was suffering from migraines so a headache is tolerable) and have started breaking out with acne on my arms and face (I have NEVER in my life had an acne issue) and have been having symptoms similar to gingivitis (I brush 3 x daily floss daily and use mouthwash 2 x daily and have been doing this for years).  So I assume these new issues are related to detoxing.  I was wondering if you could confirm this and give me any suggestions of speeding up the process and what else I can start doing to aid my body in healing from this horrible chemical.

Thank you

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Re: Day 30 of detox and feeling worse?

starspecks - you are a nutritionist by nature and your instincts are good. Keep doing the detox and stay consistent with it because you are correct - you are metabolizing deep tissue toxins that have been inside of your body for quite some time. But, they are coming out, so don't stop. They will redeposit where you stop, so keep detoxing until all health symptoms are gone.

Most people think, and logically so, that if they start having "new" health symptoms when detoxing that the detox is causing more harm than good. Oh no. These ARE the toxins. You are seeing them, smelling them, feeling them, and witnessing where they had deposited because that's where they come out.

Keep going with the belief that you are restoring your health. I'd rather have those toxins outside of my body, then inside.

Re: Day 30 of detox and feeling worse?

Thanks for the support!  I also wanted to know about your hair analysis I saw when wandering around on your site.  I was wondering what kind of toxins would you be able to find and does it work on bleached hair and how long does it have to be?  Also once you get the analysis would you be able to help identify common sources for any toxins that I would be unfamiliar with?

Thank you in advance, I think you are doing great work here!

Re: Day 30 of detox and feeling worse?

Thanks, starspecks, and yes to all your questions.  If possible, submit pubic hair if your hair is bleached, but if you don't want to do that, the head hair is fine. If the toxins normally found in hair treatments are high, we will know the primary source, and you'll also know that it's time to switch brands. Some hair products are not that toxic, so it's possible to still stay beautiful and healthy - with bleached hair.

Go to … alysis.php to study a sample analysis. It's really a neat thing to do - it's like a road map on the inside of your body where people generally never think to look. It shows toxins and essential nutrients, and I can tell what toxins are affecting what nutrients and what body systems.

And yes, I write you a personalized report, and help you with what vitamins you need, what your sources of toxins may be, and how to detox them. It really does provide some neat, neat, neat answers to many health questions.

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Dr. Hull's hair analysis changed my life. I got well after I started her program and after I spent way too much money on doctors who ran a bunch of expensive tests and told me nothing that helped. I had a laundry list of expensive meds that did nothing. I really didn't get better until I found Dr. Hull. She rocks.

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Thanks, Nash. The hair analysis does show some awesome things, but the key to a good hair test is in the interpretation. You have to really know how they work and what they are telling you. There's an art to it.