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Hi Dr. Hull,
I commend you for your great work.  Thank you for helping and sharing!

My wife noticed a visual disturbance in her vision in March 2010.  She went to the doctor, eye doctor, chiropractor, etc but none of them knew why she could see "a flashing disco ball" in her peripheral vision.  They all agreed to send her for an MRI. The MRI showed a lesion on her brain in the occipital lobe (vision area), we were terrified!  We went to see the neurosurgeon.  He said "Yes there is something, but it is not serious.  I will get you in to remove it.  A biopsy is standard, but since it is small (and in the brain) I will just scoop it out.  You'll be good as new in no time."  We asked "Is it cancer?" He literally laughed at us.  Yes, he LAUGHED at us!! He said "it is something weird, but NOT cancer! I do this every day. I'm 99.99% sure it is NOT cancer." So he scheduled surgery for July 2010. Carrie (my wife) was so scared and nervous, and so was I, but I couldn't show it for her sake! 

So she went in for surgery.  Halfway through surgery the jerk (cocky neurosurgeon) came out to get me from the waiting room.  My heart sank.  He said "we got it all out, all visible parts anyway, but it looks malignant."


Then he said "If I were you I would allow us to place these new Gliadel wafers (instant on-site chemotherapy drugs) in the surgical site so we can start to fight this immediately!"  I reluctantly allowed it. I mean I had no time to waste.  She was still on the operating table with her head laying open!  I figured if it is cancer, and she will be given chemo, then we might better get it right now, and on-site, to get a head start.  This was the most horrible time of my life.  I wouldn't wish this on anyone, even Hitler! I cried like a little girl.  I'm tearing up as I write this.  I was so helpless.  The guy she relies on to be tough, just broke down.  So I pulled myself together with the help of her parents, who were there with us, and went back into the waiting room until surgery was complete.  So more than 4 hours after going under (and more than an hour after I spoke with the jerk) surgery was complete.

Some good news!  We (family members, friends, doctors, nurses) were AMAZED at how well she went through surgery! The doctors actually said "WOW! We can't believe that you can still see!"

WTF?! You mean you're surprised she CAN see?! What were they thinking?!

So she can still see!  Albeit there is still some lingering of something in her peripheral vision.  She has gone through 6 weeks of targeted radiation, and 45 doses of initial chemotherapy, and has now done the 5 daily doses per month since.  They want her to keep doing chemotherapy for a year using this schedule.  She lost all of the hair in the back from the radiation.  This is DEVASTATING for women!  And the other jerk (radiation therapist) says "Almost all of it should grow back."

Again WTF?! You mean you're not sure?! And it better grow back!  These guys are such <expletive here> !

So she is doing well right now, considering.  There are still lingering effects of radiation and current ones from chemo, and her hair still hasn't started growing back.  She says she will NEVER go through radiation again!  I don't blame her.  She is tolerating the treatments better than a lot of people, and even survived the surgery, so she is ahead of the pack in those respects.  The only thing is... she's in the prime of life (26 years old)! 

So I shared this to bring up the real reason I am here.  ASPARTAME!  It is my opinion that, based on all the research I have done, and all information shared by others, she had/has aspartame poisoning.

BEFORE all of this happened, we can recall some things, that at the time we dismissed, that may have been real indicators of trouble looming.
She, like a lot of women, was concerned with her appearance, and weight.  Weight was a soft spot from her days of being a chubby student (and the other kids' kind treatment of different kids) -sarcastic- So, she was queen of "no calorie/low calorie/no sugar/low sugar/fat-free/low-fat/sugar-free/DIET" foods!  Among them, her daily "fix" was Orbitz gum.  She "chain-smoked" bricks of that stuff!  Again, sugarless = good right? WRONG!  So the things we can recall now are: Her weight gain.  She put on more than 50 lbs in 4 years.  She had ridiculous mood swings.  We were having marriage troubles early on.  She was always angry for no apparent reason.  We have not used birth control in more than 5 years.  Guess what.  She so far can't conceive.  She also has excruciating pain during menstruation.  She had "growing pains" in her legs.  She has allergies and asthma.  To make matters worse, during the beginning of our marriage, she was put into a highly stressful position at work.  She worked long hours and was highly stressed.  She moved to a different position, and shift, so sleep loss became a problem.  She moved again.  Same job but different shift so she could go to school to change careers.  Again stressed/no sleep. 

Finally gone are stressful job, swing shifts, school.  But now, as stated earlier, brain cancer. 

I try to get her to not sweat the small stuff, and learn to enjoy life.  Eat right (lose all the chemical toxins in our life) and exercise.  We have gone through the house and threw away any food with ingredients that don't exist outside in the garden or at least have pronounceable names that we can look up on the internet to see if they are "safe" to eat.  We are in process of eliminating soaps, makeup, cleaning chemicals, etc.  We couldn't replace those until we find at least a partially sufficient replacement or alternative.  So the direct toxins are gone, now for the indirect ones.

So my question, finally (sorry for the novel everyone) does this sound like aspartame poisoning?  If yes, can she detox during chemo treatments?  After? Will detox make her health regress?  Would a hair analysis help us?  Thanks for all of your help!  I look forward to your reply!

Desperate for help, Bill

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Bill, what a neat guy you are - smart, caring, and willing to step out of the traditional box and take action. I am so sorry for all the suffering your wife, you and your family have been going through. It seems she is back to square one, and sadly she has been through a lot to be rebounding right back to unanswered questions.

I believe that hair testing is a good idea to do anytime, but specifically in this case. No guessing with something this serious, and the hair analysis can provide some  answers. And for the aspartame - well, people have gone blind from aspartame, so her aspartame use has more than likely been a big contributor to her issues there. There lawsuit in the 1970s where a woman sued the NutraSweet Company because she went blind in one eye from the methanol in aspartame. She won a settlement, too. (They settled out of court and strapped a gag order on her, though.) So, sadly, people like your wife never hear about these true cases.

I say stop the guessing, get all the answers that you can, decide what your program for her should be based on everything you can find out to help her, and try to detox her and restore what her body is depleted in.

You must never stop looking for the perfect solution to help her, and researching the cause(s) is a must - how can one heal if the cause is never uncovered and removed? Before I'd succumb to more surgery and toxic meds, I'd figure out the cause and THEN design your strategy.

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Thanks Dr. Hull. 
I read about the hair analysis and it says to take hair from the back of the head.  She lost all of the hair from the back, can the hair be taken from the top of the head? 

Also, she is asking, have you personally seen a case like hers (likely big aspartame user that developed a brain tumor, that changed lifestyle, that detoxed) and returned to normal health?

Thanks again!

By the way, I'm telling everyone I know to check out your website.  I'm wondering do you know, or does anyone here know, how we as a group can influence the FDA (and similar folks) to ban this garbage?

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Yes, she can submit her hair from anywhere on her head. The reason the hair at the back of the head is the better choice is because this is the newest growth. And if she colors her hair, the back of the neck will have less exposure to the hair chemicals. But, if she colors her hair, she can indicate that on the hair submission form, and the lab will keep that in mind if the level of metals common in hair dyes is high on the test results.

Now for your hardest question: aspartame has been proven to eat holes in the brain tissue, and if this has reached this stage, it is more than likely a hopeless struggle to restore these lesions. But, if it hasn't reached this stage yet, and let's hope that it has not come to this, I see no reason why her health cannot restore over time.

The politics behind aspartame and the other diet sweeteners is still much too corrupt, so our efforts to get these mega billion dollar profit-makers off the market is still too soon, but we can continue to spread the word and publicize the truth so people, one by one, can learn the truth. For now, sadly, this is all we can do.

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There has to be a direct correlation between all the brain tumors these days and aspartame. And there has to be a direct correlation between all the ADD/ADHD/Autism/Asberger's these days and aspartame.

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Listening to an interview by George Noory on Coast to Coast AM, Dr. Betty Martini told of the hazards of Aspartame

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Yes, this is correct. You can read all this in detail in the book that I wrote in 1997 on aspartame called Sweet Poison. It's all in there, and it is disturbing information.

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I'm so glad that more and more people are becoming aware of this stuff :-)
Dr. Hull, Carrie wants to know if she can detox WHILE doing chemo treatments.  Is this something that has occurred before? 

@Gnarlodious: How can I tell if Carrie has been misdiagnosed with an optic glioma?  They removed a tumor.  Could the "tumor" just be necrosis of optic nerve tissue?


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I am not one to advise, I only repeated here what the doctor on the radio interview said about methanol's effect on the optic nerve. It seems entirely possible, especially since the word "multiforme" sounds like "unidentified".

My sister died on the operating table while having an optic nerve tumor removed, so I know how that surgery can be. In general, I see allopathic medicine as a sort of priesthood directed at extracting large sums of money from scared people. And if these priests have spare time, they snag anyone by whatever means it takes. They may use you for practicing, medical experiments, or just to keep equipment busy. This is a problem with medical capitalism, when doctors own medical treatment facilities intended to make a profit. It is called "Perverse Incentive", doctors reap monetary rewards by sending patients through facilities where they or their association owns that same facility. It used to be illegal, but now it is called capitalism. A similar situation occurs when the doctor's association owns the same pharmacy they force you to buy the drugs from that they themselves prescribe.

Sorry for the ranting, but I am extremely cynical about capitalist medicine.

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Well, you have a right to be cynical after losing your sister like that. Oh my. How awful.

Sadly in today's time, I agree with Gnarlodious. The best docs are the ER docs because they do what needs to be done to fix an immediate problem and they want to see it work. But mainstream medicine is losing its originality. Today,
1: docs are more pill pushers than real healers;
2: they are too busy to even know your name;
3: they have no quality time to spend with anyone;
4: some won't even treat you without insurance (now THAT's a real healer!?); 
5: they "rush" you into making very life changing decisions;
6: they know NOTHING about nutrition;
7: they shame you when you take vitamins;
8: they scare you to death and put fear into you if you don't blindly follow their advice (and remember, they don't remember your name);
9: modern medicine is now a big business as opposed to healing the patient;
10: over half the medical tests performed today are flawed;
11: any doctor who doesn't know aspartame and the chemical sweeteners are toxic isn't even practicing good scientific common sense.

I agree with Gnarlodious, and sadly, my personal experience with a misdiagnosis of Grave's Disease has jaded me, too. I recommend:

1: shop your doc - find a really good one who will take the time you deserve and talk to you;
2: find a doc that doesn't shame you for doing all that you can on your own to get well;
3: find a doc that doesn't push medicines only;
4: if your doc isn't helping you, fire him. Why are people afraid to do this?

Take control of your health and your life. Your doc works for you - not the other way around.

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So sorry about your sister Gnarlodious.  I can't begin to tell you how much.

Dr. Hull,
Can she detox during chemo?  I don't want her to feel sicker than she already does.  She keeps asking if I've found out yet, so she can either go ahead or not with the hair test and detox program.  Also, does anyone out there know of anyone that developed a tumor from aspartame?  Are they doing well?  I'm so scared.

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Yes, she can detox during chemo. It will not contraindicate the chemo, and it will remove the residuals that the body cannot uptake. So, it will help her treatments be more effective and sweep the body of what it cannot process. It may even help remove the underlying cause at this time.

Research from as early as the 1960s proved aspartame causes tumors - mammary gland, brain, and organ tumors. YES, YES, and YES aspartame causes tumors!!!! The good science knows this beyond any doubt.