Topic: Dealing w/ detox symptoms

Dr. Hull,

I had been using Sucralose heavily for over 10 years as part of a low carb diet. On Oct 5th of this year, I found your website and decided to remove all traces of the substance from my diet as an experiment to see if it improved a few issues I had been living with.

Those issues are: mild acne (never experienced before, nor in my teens), mood swings, bouts of depression, and slightly low red blood count.

What I have found since stopping Sucralose use is an improvement in my mental health and pretty much all my acne has disappeared.

However, I have been steadily gaining weight even when I lowered my caloric intake to 960 cals for a 3 day period, am experiencing daily headaches, swelling in the legs, swelling in the face in the AM, indigestion, and a bit of anxiety more recently.

I promptly saw my doctor and she could not find a culprit. I'm writing to you now in hopes that you may be familiar with my symptoms. Could this be related to my removal of Splenda?

Thank you for you time.

Re: Dealing w/ detox symptoms

Not directly at this stage. Initially, the toxic substances in the chemical sweeteners will cause these symptoms, but because you are suffering with these after removing these chemicals, it appears that other toxins are still inside of your body and you are reacting to them. If your doctors can't find the reason for these health affects, then I suggest having a hair analysis done to see what toxins are in there and how they have affected your essential nutrient levels.

Now, the diet sweeteners do deplete your body of necessary nutrients, so you may never have replaced these nutrients once stopping the diet sweeteners. But, I suspect you need to detox and start over on a vitamin program. Go to to see if this is something you are interested in.

Re: Dealing w/ detox symptoms

Dr. Hull,

Thank you so much for your time! With a little help, I was able to find the culprit. Looks like I was having an allergic reaction. After taking some Benadryl, all my symptoms (and weight due to water retention) disappeared.

Initially, I suspected a correlation with the removal of Sucralose merely because of the timing of events. However, I failed to take into account the introduction some Tea Tree oil & peppermint infused chew sticks as a replacement for the Sugar Free gum.

Phew! What a relief. smile

Thanks again for all your support and advice. I think a detox is still in my interest and will begin this week.

In the meantime, feels GREAT to be sucralose free. I've never felt so happy. No more mood swings and acne! YAY.

Warm Regards,

Re: Dealing w/ detox symptoms

Marta, I experienced the same relief. Diet chemical free, I lost weight and many of my allergies and cramping went away almost instantly. Now I read labels like a freak. I avoid all food with chemicals, especially the diet chemicals.