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Hi Dr Hull,
I have a friend recently diagnosed with "agressive" breast cancer. Her mamogram came up clean only 5 months prior, so it must be pretty serious. Her mother died from breast cancer only about 5 years ago. I should also mention that she is on Hormone Replacement Therapy because she had to have a histerectomy (I believe this to be the primary cause of her cancer). She doesn't eat all that healthy, and she really isn't sure about natural medicine- she actually has a good amount of faith in pharmacies. I'm sure that her doctor will be putting her through chemo and everything very soon, so I am asking your advice as far as what I should do, or how I might help her.
I have your book on the cancer prevention diet, but I'm worried that she doesn't have the time, or doesn't think she has the time, to go on this diet. When I mention that diet soda is bad or other nutrition comments, she just smiles and nods her head. I know I would never do chemo or any of that! I am also worried that the diet won't be of any help during or after chemo and treatment! There is just so much going against her!
Any comments from survivors or people with this experience are welcome too!

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Tracey, nice to hear from you. It has been a while.

Your friend's situation is serious, and I am so sorry. I don't think that it is a coincidence that she and her mother BOTH had aggressive breast cancer within years of one another. I suspect they both were exposed to a similar toxin. And, I also agree with you that manufactured hormone therapies are a root cause of aggressive and sudden breast cancer. Her hysterectomy might have been avoided if the cause was Candida (yeast) overgrowth, as most cases are.

That said, she must have the mindset to help herself find the answers alongside her doctor. She must want to take the time to read, learn, experiment with anything that can help her. If she doesn't have this desire, then she will not be an active participant in her recovery - she'll be at the hands of others and will not build upon her own strengths and/or fears.

Illness is a one-on-one journey of the soul. No one can cure you but YOU. Others can assist (and they do), but true life and death is owned by the individual. She needs to want to learn all she can, try all she can, be the bravest that she can. Her doctor can help remove the rapid growth, but only she can face her future of wellness.

As a survivor of a deadly disease (thankfully not this aggressive), I can tell you that faith and believing that there are many different ways to help your body is a HUGE part of facing a situation like this. You never stop getting well; you don't just do ONE THING to fix the situation. You make this your career - you keep digging for answers, for solutions, for ways to be better and stronger. And this is a journey of the mind, body and spirit. It never stops, and your friend must want to work hard to beat this in all three ways - mind, body and spirit.

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Thanks Dr. Hull,
She recently had an MRI (at least I'm pretty sure that's the test they ran) and the doctor has decided that a golfball-sized area needs to be removed from her breast. It sounds like they will also be taking out one lymph node nearby that was previously biopsied. I'm not totally sure, but it doesn't sound like she has to recieve any chemical treatments until after, if the procedure doesn't help.
After talking with some of her other natural-medicine friends too, she is looking into vitamins and supplements. I believe she really is open to it now that this has become so real. She says she is not a good pill-taker but will try. I, of course, told her about B vitamins and the detox supplements, and eliminating toxins from her diet. A friend of hers who used to work in a natural health/homeopathic doctor's office is really pushing vitamin D supplements. I know vitmin D is important and many people are deficient, but I am not really certain that it would do much in the case of cancer. I assume it can't hurt though! I'm just glad she is looking at nutrition and not just medicine now!
You are right though- it's something she had to sit down and really evaluate in her life, and a choice she had to make on her own. I only hope that she will see the results she needs! Help is certainly here for her!
One thing really showed me that she was really looking beyond her comfort zone, and has really evaluated her life; that is that she has asked for prayers (and is probably praying herself), which she has never done before! She is a proud person, she doesn't like to ask for help. And she has always doubted prayer and seen it as sort of useless and never thought she could ever get a response from it. It's so good to know that she is taking all the help she can get, and looking at the world a little differently!
She is scheduled to get an ultraslound just before her surgery, in december I think, and I'm really hoping (and praying) for the best! I will try to keep things posted here!
Thanks again- your books and site have given me so much info, and I'm thankful that I can share it with others!

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And you are doing just that! You have enhanced her life - we all hope she will be just fine, in mind, body and spirit. No one wants to travel down this road, but it certainly teaches us many wonderful things. There is so much more to life than what any of us ever expect. Looking for the good in everything is one of the hardest things to master.