Topic: Aspartame

I've been eliminating things out of my diet thinking I was having a reaction to something in my food.  I thought I had narrowed it down to aspertame, but I continue to start to itch and break out in hives.  How long does something like this stay in your system?  I have been living on Benadryl for over a month and the sudden outbreaks of the itching and redness are starting to get depressing.

Re: Aspartame

It may be another toxin still inside of you. I suggest having a hair analysis done to see what other toxic metals may be present that are trying to come out through the skin - arsenic, mercury, maybe? If you really want to get rid of this, the Benadryl isn't going to do it, but will simple suppress the cause and push it back down into your body.

Any aspartame and sucralose (made with chlorine that is known to cause skin irritation) has only made this worse, but obviously the cause still remains. Go to and see if this is something you would like to to. Once the cause is determined, then you can do something to get rid of it.