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Can you be addicted to Diet Coke? Is that possible? There was a time when I drank about 2 liters of Diet Coke a day. Basically one of those big plastic bottles. That would be my main intake of liquid.

What effects can aspartame really have on a person? In small amounts it is harmless, right? I sometimes got headaches I think and a racy heart. But then, when I didn't have my diet Coke I would also get headaches, a slightly different type of headache.

Now I've cut down to just 1 small 0.5l bottle a day and all the visible ill effects have gone.

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Yes, people can become highly addicted to the diet drinks. Aspartame contains pure wood alcohol (methanol), and this is addictive to people with alcohol or drug additions. Diet sweeteners are also addictive emotionally because people with weight issues and eating disorders are afraid they will get fat if they eat anything other than a sugar-free product. Children are being raised with diet products and are not being taught real nutrition, so they grow up confused, are taught  inaccurate information, and fear all foods not man-made.

Any amount of aspartame is toxic - you should read my book, Sweet Poison and Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not? to get your detailed answers. At the very least, read the articles I have written in my Healthy Newsletter posted on the web. I have spent over 20 years getting this information out to people - it is too detailed to repeat in this one post.

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If you are having withdrawal symptoms from not getting your drug, that is a sure sign of addiction.

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I agree.

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I know people who drive straight to McDonald's every morning after they have dropped their kids at school to get their diet coke. No coffee first, no water first, no breakfast - that diet coke is their morning addiction. Now, that's really sad.

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This is me, except I don't go get it at Mc Donalds. But I can't wake up without that first glass of diet pepsi. It has to be filled to the brim with ice. I feel very bad about this.

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I have the same problem with Diet Pepsi.  I drink one as soon as I get up in the morning, have another around 10, one for lunch, one in the afternoon, then 1-2 more in the evening.  While I don't always finish a whole can, I still consume 3-4 a day, easily.  It's become a habit.  I just stopped drinking it this morning.  I went to the doctor last week, thinking I have an underactive thyroid, but maybe my problems are all stemming from aspertame. 

I've been working out for a month, with little to no results.  I don't always eat perfectly, but I eat healthier than I ever have.  I typically see results very quickly, but this is downright discouraging.  I just need some answers, and it sounds like this may very well be my problem.  My vision has deteriorated in the last 2 years, I get a lot of headaches, and I'm more tired than usual.  Given my increased workouts, I should be feeling great, not worse.

Well, we'll see what happens now that I've cut out the diet pepsi.  I was just telling my boss this, and he has the same problems.  We both decided to quit today.

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My husband was addicted to Diet Coke too.

He's not had any for about a week now and I can see a small difference.  He is very overweight and has varicose veins in one leg.  The ankle on that leg swells up quite badly.

I noticed last night, that for the first time since I've known him (15 years) there was actually definition in the shape of that ankle.  It wasn't nearly so swollen.  He hasn't noticed it himself yet so I'll not say anything for a few days to see if it swells back up again.

I've managed to get him to start drinking pure spring water.  He sometimes flavours it with a little pure orange juice so it is a very refreshing drink.  Be great over ice in the summer - and not yucky, disgusting artificial sweetener after taste either smile

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If each of you will stop and reflect on your posts, you'll see how addictive and controlling that diet cola really is. You'll see how much it controls your life. And isn't this ridiculous when you see it from outside of the box?? Doesn't that raise suspicion and alarm you a bit??

I think that it's really scary that a drink - a cola - a glass of soda - can be the focus of your entire day. Stop and think about that.

Now if your kids were this addicted to a drink or any substance, wouldn't you be alarmed and wish for them to stop? Well, there you have it! Did any of you ever think a soft drink could control your life in this way?

I like the pure juice in the water idea....nice.

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Wow. This worries me.
I don't know what to do then. I understand that everything in moderation but whenever I actually want a soda I immediately get the diet or the zero ones...from the way it sounds though I should just get the regular kind? I drink maybe 2 sodas a week. Would it even matter at that concentration? Sometimes I just get tired of water--especially if it tastes nasty--usually at a restaurant. What then? I read this article that said something similar but they advised that you would be fine if you stuck to 1 a day.

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Just check all the other areas to detox. from also....

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I've been trying to lose weight for years and consequently using artificial sweeteners (saccharin for coffee, green tea with aspartame and Splenda).  Now I'm told I have a neurogenic bladder.  Mainly it's just shut down and I'm faced with the prospect of wearing a catheter the rest of my life.  Could asparatame have done this?

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I just wrote and article on this, and I see many people are having the same trouble as my Mom. I run a health website, she follows my guidelines on almost everything. She is looking better, feeling better, and lost tons of weight. The ONLY thing she cannot quit is Diet Coke. I had to know why this was true. I mean DIET COKE?? I could see coffee or crack, but this is just a soft drink. Well, after writing an article on just how bad it is, she still cannot seem to quit. Love to have your feedback on it.

http://www.detox-diet-and-healthy-eatin … rawal.html

It also has a link to the dangers of Aspartame. It is seriously a "no brainer" to stop using this garbage. Hope you can all quit before it is too late.


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natural1 - I wouldn't drink any at all, ever. Why would you want to? Don't give them your money, and don't do this to your body.

Sharons - I really like Alex Jones. I wish we had more like him, but I am amazed something hasn't happened to him. Typically, the powers-that-be try to shut people that outspoken down. Some of his aspartame facts were not accurate, but his point to avoid aspartame was the true message, and that's accurate!

hmiller - anytime aspartame is used and health issues occur, ALWAYS stop the diet chemicals and if this doesn't cure you completely, it certainly will help you get better and not worse.

imnos482 - it's never too late to give up the garbage. Better late than never.