Topic: Black Mold Detox


After spending thousands of dollars on a variety of tests and very little in terms of useful results I am convinced that my symptoms are a result of mold exposure.  The timing of our "water event," along with the fact that my fiance experiences similar symptoms (dizziness, mental fog, memory loss, racing heart beat etc) is why have suspicions.  We have had a very hard time finding doctors that have extensive knowledge on mold poisoning.  I have searched pretty much everything I can online, but am yet to find any specific and trustworthy treatment plans.  Any information that has to do with specific treatment plans, supplements, detox plans etc would be greatly appreciated.  Lastly, would the hair test confirm what we think is mold toxins in the body? 



Re: Black Mold Detox

Mold is tricky because it can't be seen easily, and that, most times, stumps doctors. But mold can be a nuisance if it has gotten into your sinuses or lungs. It will not show up in the hair because it remains in the body and does not excrete easily. It finds nice dark, moist places to spore and repopulate. Yucky, huh?

But, you can remediate it much like you would mold inside of your home. Remove the source, monitor your body pH and keep it a bit alkaline on the pH scale, and do the detox program with the clay. Go to and research detoxing using the clays and niacin.