Topic: Can years of drinking diet lead to palpitations?

I have been drinking diet pepsi or diet caffeine free since 2005. I just went to the doctor in August of this year for a full cardiac workup due to high bp. Everything is fine, but a mild mitral valve prolapse.

All the sudden I'm having palps. My heart gets racy, up to 92 bpm. It can last awhile then go away.

I'm starting to wonder if it's the diet soda.

My other symptoms:

dry mouth
cracked lips
eyes feel dried out
chronic sinus stuffiness
ear ringing
intolerance to really sweet things
aching legs
black spots floating in my eyes
can't see as good sometimes
bright lights are bothersome sometimes
constantly tired, sick all over feeling
can't think straight, confusion sometimes
feel hot in my face/feel cold all over
intense sugar/carb cravings
yeast infections

I am so ashamed to say this, but I cannot wake up until I have my glass of iced down diet soda. I am in a horrible horrible, I mean horrible mood until I have that first glass, and then I'm fine. My husband actually runs to get my soda for me sometimes... I feel bad about that. Shouldn't be that way. I feel crazy sometimes sad

All of these symptoms have been developing in the past 3 years and I have just... really not done much about this. I thought it was an age thing. I'm 42 years old.

Also need to add, I have suffered generalized anxiety/panic disorder all my life. Was diagnosed at 18 years old. But these palps do not feel like anxiety. The palps start first, then anxiety follows. I don't know. hmm

Something has to change, I have an 8 year old daughter who needs to have her mother around. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to die. I can't sleep wondering if I will soon.

Thank you

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Re: Can years of drinking diet lead to palpitations?

Hi. I kinda had the same thing. I just turned 40 and have been drinking diet Dr. Pepper for over 15 years. I first noticed my hands shaking more than usual. Then I started having a racing heart. I went to the doctor and he thought it might be my thyroid, although my blood tests were just barely off in the thyroid department. I even went to a cardiologist and had a Holter monitor and echo tests. They found nothing wrong. I quit using all aspartame products and now, nearly 8 weeks later, am almost symptom free. My hands don't shake and my palpitations are much rarer and much less severe if I do have them. I will NEVER have another diet soda!
I would recommend giving up diet drinks and replacing them with water. Tons of water really seemed to help me get the aspartame out of my system quickly. But be aware, I didn't notice any positive results for several weeks. Just give it time.

Re: Can years of drinking diet lead to palpitations?

I have just posted on another section so I maybe repeating some of the things that I have already sent. My son  has just stopped the diet drinks and his reaction was instant! I still remember watching him get up from his chair and having to stop because of dizziness. He seemed to, constantly, have headaches and body cramps. Also complained of leg cramps during the night. The doctor had him on medication for 'vertigo' to get rid of the sick feeling. BUT..the day he read about aspartame, he stopped all the soft drinks. IT WAS AMAZING!!! He had NO symptoms dizziness, no headaches, no cramps. He also ceased the medication as he didn't need it any more.

I stopped also but my biggest change was when I stopped eating 'eclispe' mints. I ate a lot of them. My results were instant also. The constant, deep aching through my body stopped which, in turn, helped me 'cheer' up as far as my mood. Being in constant pain is stressful in itself. I also found out after visiting the doctor, that I had, for the first time, high blood pressure and anemia. I was suffering heart palputaions also. I wore a monitor for 24 hours and it showed up no discrepancies.
I also put it down to age and was a little worried at the fact that I felt this bad at the age of just 49-50!!

Well, I see a product that needs to be seriously looked at. I am guessing that the fear of being liable is stopping any company from openly doing tests, let alone admitting that there may be a problem.

Re: Can years of drinking diet lead to palpitations?

Oh my - all three of your posts are tearing at my heart.

Sharons - what aspartame is doing to our children is one of the saddest tragedies of modern time. It harms everyone, but a child? Our modern children  don't even know what it's like to really feel good because their foods make them feel so bad. Yes, it's the politics of greed keeping aspartame on the market. It's tragic, and one day future societies will look at what we have done and shake their heads at this insanity.

OkieTC - you are so young yet; too young to feel this bad. I drank Diet DP, and it almost killed me. What more can I say to empathize with you?

LakotaLdy - you are young, too. Too young to be ridden with such health burdens. Read my story in my book Sweet Poison. All I can say about this is you'll feel like you are reading about yourself, and ALL your answers will be there.

Thank you, ladies, for your posts.

Re: Can years of drinking diet lead to palpitations?

Dr. Hull,

If you wouldn't mind, I would like to hear your opinion on 'Flouride'.

I have a vid. underneath and there are many sites, not unlike yours, that speak of the dangers of flouride. Apparently it was introduced into the water by hiltler in the war. The reason? 'dumb down the Jews' (Absolutely NO offence to the Jewish people from me in that statement). This involuntary medicating of the water continued. It is said that it has NO benifits for the teeth at all.

Please watch this vid. It is a little 'off the cuff' but he covers a lot of bases. If more info. is needed, there are many sites available from doctors etc.

Regards...Sharon.    Please watch.

Re: Can years of drinking diet lead to palpitations?

You see how the medical profession works? First they seduce you with sweet low level poison. You feel sick and the doctor gives you pills. More toxins for your liver and it just gets worse. They look close and find all sorts of profitable ways to fix you up. Before you know it, you have been lain on the sacrificial altar and turned into a scientific experiment.

So many stories I read hear follow this same approximate trajectory. I just wonder how many thousands of people have had their lives ruined by FDA malfeasance and our profitcentric medical system.

Re: Can years of drinking diet lead to palpitations?

Oh, well put. Millions have suffered and we are raising a generation of lesser-than humans beings because of this. We must all focus on the way out.....all of the ways out of this.