Topic: Magical function of activated carbon

Activated carbon ingredient is carbon, but also contain a small amount of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine?General activated carbon can pass walnut shell distillation can get activated carbon but quality is bad, If after acid boiled, washing after treatment can get better activated carbon. the first to use this technique can be traced back to the time of the first world war ii in the first world war by activated carbon manufacturing gas masks. Activated carbon is the biggest uses adsorption harmful gas?So on now, Active carbon adsorption can effectively with a family to decorate?Can adsorption paint to send out the formaldehyde some harmful gas?Besides adsorption effect outside, still have can make sugar accelerated fade, but also can be used in cigarette filter, air purifier, waterworks water treatment, water treatment, interpretation, dipe, management, reduce pollution of radioactive elements in soil pesticide residue, regulate soil properties, vegetables, etc.

Re: Magical function of activated carbon

Do you recommend this for making your own filters?