Topic: Empirical evidence

Dear Janet

Your website says ""The chemicals in aspartame block normal serotonin production in the brain."

I am just wondering is there empirical evidence to support this.


Re: Empirical evidence

Have you read the research studies Dr. Hull has posted? They are long, but they will answer your questions. Yes, this is well studied.

Re: Empirical evidence

KP - the research proving the affects aspartame have on serotonin levels has been available since the 1970s. Dr. John Olney from Washington School of Medicine started the research, and numerous scientists followed in his footsteps. The damning results are not available for public to easily find them, but I have them spread all over the place; in my books, on my sites, in my newsletter and on the forum. Go to my newsletter and search for "aspartame research" and the various PDFs should pop up.

Sadly, the research and education in America is controlled by the profiteers who make money on the products and drugs associated with the chemical sugars. So, the research that is the most accurate and truthful doesn't come from the USA but comes from other countries. We should be embarrassed that our American science is so substandard.

But the research is out there, believe me.