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New to this site, i suffer from insomnia and a few years ago i cut out suger and replaced it with sweetex.
can sweetex or it's ingredience cause sleeplesness.
some times it's hard to get to sleep after going to bed even after taking "Kalmes" herbal sleep tablets. sometimes i wake up between 3-4 ish and cant drop back off to sleep. i end up gitting up as i just cant drop off.
any help would be appreciated.
i havent cut sugar out all together altho i do buy coke zero but dont drink it often, i changed to decaff tea to help solve the problem.

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I don't know what Sweetex is or what it is made from, but Aspartame can and does cause insomnia. As well as agitation, racing thoughts and a host of other curses.

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sweetex is a drink sweetener, i used it in tea, generally 3 per cup about 6-7 cups a day, i have since gone back to sugar (with a view to cutting it out), but a lot less 1.5 tea spoons per cup. i also now only drink decaf tea.

i dont know what percentage of the asparteme makes up the little tabs.

i have now been off sweetex since monday lunch time after reasearching possible causes of my sleeplessness, hopefully this seems to be the solution.

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I thought Sweetex was a baking shortening. Well, if you are using aspartame in any form, yes, this can result in disrupted sleep patterns among other health symptoms. Anytime aspartame is used and health issuers arise that are not normally present, always remove using all the diet sweeteners and see if these symptoms disappear. Stay off them as you are doing, and then you'll have your answer.

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thanx for the reply, will let you know how i go on

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Thanks for the info on Sweetex. Keep us posted on your progress.

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HI Guys
it's been about 3 months since i came off Aspartame, the insomnia has gone.

I changed from 3 sweetex in my tea to 1/2 spoon of sugar, i dont drink or eat artificially sweetened foods. i changed mostly to decaff tea but tbh i dont always stick to that, so the only conclusion i have it was the aspartme that was causing the insomnia.