Topic: The Doctors Show and Artificial Sweetners

Yesterday, 12/27/2010, the Doctor's Show had a segment on artificial sweetners.  The Doctors Health Investigator, Liz Vacceriello stated that the only way you can have side affects from artificial sweetners is to consume an enormous amount in one day.  Artificial sweetners are fine in moderation just like anything else.

She never used them because she thought they might have side affects but now that she knows the truth, she has begun using the products.

What is your take on this?  This can steer so many people in the wrong direction.

Re: The Doctors Show and Artificial Sweetners


It is all about placating those who are worried so some giant corporation can profit selling poison.

It is just that simple.

Re: The Doctors Show and Artificial Sweetners

I think that this is a premeditated attempt to mislead the public, and that is criminal. It's actually lying to people. She didn't mention the research proving aspartame causes leukemia and lymphoma in lab animals, did she? Or the research that aspartame has been proven to cause memory loss and fetal deformities.

This is criminal; this woman should be ashamed. How much did they pay her?? What did they promise her?