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I had been a avid diet soda drinker for years, morning, noon and night.  Two years ago I had Bells Palsy.  A year later the right side of my face and head went numb, had an MRI done which showed I had brain lesions.  I was then diagnosed with MS and a week later I was told by a neurologist I also had lupus.  That's when alarms went off and I did some looking into this and found out about aspartame.  My eyesight has also diminished.  I have been told by my opthalmologist that I as showing signs of RP (retinitis pigmentosa) it is in our family, but now I'm wondering if this is all related to aspartame.  I have not had any diet anything for over a year, but I still seem to have numbness come and go in my face along with my eyesight being terrible.  My question is, will your detox along with anything else you recommend help my symptoms.  Basically, is there help out there to get this chemical out of my body. 
Thank you for any help or suggestions you can give me.

Re: Is There Help?

I am an optimist, and I always believe that you can get better if you consistently try everything you can to help your body restore from toxic poisoning. You had a very bad reaction to aspartame, and I am surprised your doctor kept diagnosing you with more and more disorders but didn't try to help you nutritionally.

If I were you, I would detox forever; get acupuncture, chiropratic, massages, take your vitamins, do eye exercises, walk in the fresh air - I'd do everything you can do to help your body get strong. You can do this - thousands of us have. Have faith and strength in yourself.

Re: Is There Help?

I have not joined any forum discussion before, but I have this need to know something about can lead, mercury,aluminum, herbicides and pesticides in the brain cause forgetfulness or memory loss? A friend shared that his child had toxins in his brain and through hair analysis was diagnosed what his real problem was not epilepsy but with nutrition and detoxification he became well again. It showed the whole family was toxic. They all were helped by detoxification and high nutrition all were cleared of those harmful toxins. Thy had hair, urine and blood tests. Do you think it is necessary for me to undergo these tests? Please help me.