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I just got out of the E.R. yesterday where I went when my heart rate went down to 48 beats per minute. I am only 27 (I guess that's young), but I am not, what I would consider, a very healthy person.

I drink several diet sodas a day (between 6-8 most days... sometimes more). I have cut back on caffeine because I have heart palpitations and I was told to cut down on caffeine. I also suffer from panic attacks. I take prozac for my panic attacks.

In addition to my heart rate going low, I've also had a horrible headache, been very winded, had abnormal bowel movements and I have had tenderness in my breasts over the past day.

When I came home and told my husband of my symptoms, he said maybe I should read up on the affects aspartame has on the body... and I feel sick to my stomach.

I think I may have aspartame poisoning. I'm going to my "regular" doctor to follow up from my E.R. visit (where they told me I just have a really low heart rate because I am healthy... I just don't believe that). I feel like I am slowly killing myself.

How long does the detox program take? I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get my health back, but I'm scared I may be too late and may have pushed myself over the edge. Is there any coming back from this and being healthy again or am I really doomed? What should I do immediately (besides quit- I've decided that the diet mountain dew I had earlier today would be my last- FOREVER). Please help!

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If it is aspartame, you have already started by getting rid of diet soda. But aspartame is in so many products. Anything labeled as diet or sugar-free probably uses aspartame. Read the labels on everything. And drink lots of water. Giving up the diet drinks and replacing them with water has really helped me. Good luck.

You asked how long? For me, it took several weeks to see some results. It took 5-6 weeks to really notice a lot of improvement. 3 months in, and I am nearly symptom free. Give it time.

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What  Okie said. Figure 3 months for a good detox. I have seen a medical study stating 18 months for a complete detox from Aspartame

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The thing to remember is that everyone is an individual so they will react in different ways to toxins. Aspartame is a known toxin, and it will affect people in various ways. It depends on your health state at the time you detox, how long you have used aspartame, how much you used, etc. Initially, your symptoms will disappear quickly because you are no longer adding toxins on a daily basis, but it can take up to a year to get your body back to where you want it to be.

They key is to stay consistent and don't give up. Be patient, be confident, and believe you will restore your health over time. Give it half the time to recover that you used the sweet poison.

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I have used aspartame in high quantities for at least 5 years.  My health started to decline, I have been on anti-depressants for at least 5 years.  The last 2 years, I have noticed that I am no longer myself.  I have daily headaches, severe fatique, confusion, memory loss, wt. gain, moody, etc.  so something triggered me to look up aspartame and that is when I found you.  I just received your book "sweet poison".  My question is where do I get the french green clay?  I cannot find it anywhere, not even on line.  I have started the other vitamins regime and its been 3 weeks since I stopped consuming anything with aspartame in it.  I went thru my kitchen and threw everything out that had it in it, but now I have gone even further, I have thrown everything out that has preservatices, artificial flavors, processed foods and replaced with whole foods...boy is it expensive, but what a difference in taste...  Thanks for sharing your story.,

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Good for you! Now, you will heal !!!!!

It's sad, isn't it, that real food, necessary food, nature's food is much more expensive then the man-made fake foods. Well, the artificial sweeteners are more expensive then the real natural sugars, or not using added sugar at all. When you think about it, fake foods keep you hungry, so in the long run, I think you do actually spend more money, and you eat out more because you crave the fatty fix from assembly-line foods. An apple or a bowl of soup is actually cheaper than putting your coins in a vendo for a candy bar, a few diet drinks, some packaged crackers or chips everyday, several times a day. Taking your own lunch to work, and snacks + water WILL save you money - and calories.

This is a great clay: Calcium Bentonite/Montmorillonite -  The French Green Clay is harder to find these days - to make it "food grade" requires different transport and storage, and I guess no one wants to pay the money to offer it. I tried to get the NOW Company to do it for me, and they refused. Sad. It's the clay of choice. But this Montmorillonite clay from the Western USA is a great clay and Pascalite is an excellent company. I used to really think NOW was awesome, but have been disappointed in them, lately.