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controlling of dental caries How to obstruction tooth decay? How to do so in presence not to abide or falsification in krecle dentist hours? There are mere and faithful chattels ways to wigging the causes of the enlargement and maturation of dental diseases:

  1. Interdicting of injuries of teeth and gums of the youngster should start from inception periods of pregnancy, as your neonate's teeth degree begin forming in the to be to come birth. The up of with bated breath mamma should participate in thorough calcium, phosphorus, fluorine, vitamins.


     * in clover in vitamin D - dairy products, fish, eggs
     * containing calcium - dairy products, cheese, fish
     * Fluorinated - fish, chicken liver, bread

Preggers women deprivation 1.5 g of calcium per day.

2. After the outbreak of the start with pull out teeth, at about 1-1,5 years, to bath the indulge teeth, to drill a infant to dust-broom, unvarying while cleaning is symbolic.

3. Wean the newborn from valueless habits: like thumb sucking


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Thank you for your post. It is important that during pregnancy, the mother keeps her calcium levels up to help the baby form healthy gums and the seeds for teeth.

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Tooth decay is very serious, and precautions should be practiced to help prevent it. Some prevention tips included; regular cleaning and dental examinations, oral hygiene, and less sugary foods. Use a mouthwash is another good way to help prevent tooth decay by killing the bacteria in your mouth. The good news is that regular inspections are to avoid getting one of these very serious infections in the future tooth decay.

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I have found that always brushing your teeth after meals and before bed is very important. Keep a toothbrush in your desk drawer at work, too.


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Flossing is an important allotment of oral hygiene. It removes plaque and aliment particles from between your teeth and beneath the gumline - areas a toothbrush can not consistently reach. You should clean among your teeth at least once a day with floss.

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I agree. Flossing regularly is very important for the teeth and gums.