Topic: Splenda - Tremors - Detox?

Up to 2006, I had been a heavy consumer of Splenda. Late in 2006 medical issues arose that could not be explained by Western Medicine. I began having uncontrollable tremors. The tremors primarily affected the right side of my torso and heavily involving my neck. After being seen by my Primary Care, referred to two separate Neurologists, and a Psychologist, no one had any answers. Due to the fact that the tremors resembled Parkinson’s and MS, I was tested for both, and the tests were negative.

At this time I visited a Naturopath, and though she was not able to immediate define what was occurring, we decided to tackle allergies and sensitivities ( food, airborne etc...) Through that process, and our many discussions, we finally discovered it was Splenda. Since I have removed Splenda from my diet the tremors have ceased.

Over the last 3 years, I have tried detox twice, and each time, the tremors returned immediately. Due to the tremors I stopped the detox, and the tremors again ceased. 

I do wish to get this all of out of my system, however I worry as to how long to expect the tremors to last ( as they are debilitating) How do I go about safely detoxing while hopefully dealing with the tremors minimally ?

Re: Splenda - Tremors - Detox?

Well, simply by avoiding these toxic chemicals, you can stay ahead of this. Restoring your healthy foods and vitamin supplements will help your body recover, too. So, if detoxing stirs the hornet's nest and causes you to experience negative health reactions as these toxins come out of your body, detox using foods slowly over time, and as long as you have not put any more of the diet sweeteners in your body, then your body should be able to take care of this itself.

Now, that said, because you have such strong reactions to your detoxing, this tells me that you may have heavy metals inside of you, too. Have you considered doing the hair analysis to see what else may be exacerbating this issue?  Go to: and see if I can help you stop guessing and identity all the body toxins you are reacting to.