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Hi folks. This is my very first post on the "fertilizer" sweeteners.

I am a very helathy 46 year old man. I lift weights, do series of stretches and run a very fast-paced 20 minutes five times a week. I won't say that I have the perfect diet. I do like my cookies and cake....but only after I have eaten a healthy meal.

Because of my superior health, I suspected right away that the sucralose was causing me: Bloat, Brain Fog, Tiredness, and most irritating to me, a SWEETNESS in my mouth and excess Saliva that lasts all day. I'm really thankful to all the bloggers that shared their stories. I feel relieved that it's not just me.

(note: please forgive what may seem as me being a "superior, perfected man" described above. LOL! I just wanted to see if others can relate to my health life style :) I'm really a goober. LOL.)

I wonder if very healthy people are more affected by these sweeteners? Almost everyone I know that follow a healthy and fit lifestyle cannot tolerate Sucralose etc... Even in chewing gum.
I wonder when the so-called studies were done, if they were done on people that may not have been the most healthy participants? and therefore the negative results did not show???

This is a very interesting read below about what the FDA did to railroad these chemicals through as food. They gave the thumbs up on "Fertilizer" Sweeteners, And... they gave a thumbs down on Stevia and Xlyltol....They now work for Splenda! … eners.html

How can we stop this? Any thoughts in coming together to file a complaint and request an investigation into these products????? (This stuff is in everything now and I'm tired of having to read all the labels when shopping. I wish for these products to be OFF the market).

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Re: Sucralose, Aspartime, etc...FDA Lied

Well, everything you say is true. You are thinking right - we are all tired of checking labels because these chemicals are added to products NOT labeled sugar-free. They are being pushed into products while the healthy sweeteners are being ignored by the corporations. Odd, isn't it? Something's NOT right.

How can we stop this? Just keep spreading the word and keep the truth out there. Eventually, these corrupt businessman and politicos will get busted. It has to happen one day, and I hope sooner than later.

Re: Sucralose, Aspartime, etc...FDA Lied

Hi Dr. Hull,

I forgot to ask...When I eat something with Sucralose, about an hour later the sweetness comes back into my mouth and stays with me all day, also more than normal excess saliva. I know it's Sucralose but what's happening here??? Thank ya much.

By the way...Really love your site! I first found you when I was exhausted in trying to find out truths about Niacin. And again later when I was looking into Maca. I thought..."hmm, I better save you to favorites" :)

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Re: Sucralose, Aspartime, etc...FDA Lied

Ah, thanks, Oregon Joe. We try to help people the best we can.

Splenda is by no means a natural form of sugar. It is a chemically compounded fake sugar, and its chemical composition is just not something your body is digesting well. Obviously not, if it's coming back up and not going down and out.

Digestion actually begins in the saliva in the mouth, so your body is being stimulated to digest these chemicals immediately. It is metabolizing the chlorine in Splenda, and that's remaining in your mouth. Yuck.