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Hi everyone! Today I have started a weight loss journey during which I hope to lose between 50 and 70 pounds. My ideal Weight is between 145 and 125. Over the past couple days I have hit my heaviest weight of 195 pounds, usually I float between 188 and 191. Neither is very good. I'm 16 and scared. I tried losing weight a year ago and managed to lose a little but then life caught up with me and I gained it back. SO I'm searching for tips tonight. Anything from books,websites,articles,to just common sense.

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Get started with Ellington Darden's book "A Flat Stomach ASAP." It's more than getting a flat stomach - Ellington is a trainer, and his suggestions are wonderful, easy to adopt, and they are core ways to get control of your body again.

Eat smaller portions, eat every 3 hours or so so you never let your blood sugar drop too low, drink plenty of water, avoid the fake and pre-packaged foods, AVOID drive thrus, move your body regularly, and you should start seeing the weight layers come off.

The NutraSystem program is actually a very good program because this is their underlying principle - eat smaller portions of real food more often. They use "space food", but it has less chemcials in it than the "diet foods" like snack bars, diet colas, etc that are all fake food.

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Thank you Dr Hull

I'm in the same situation so I'll give that book a try too


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hello thomas

yes its a scaring reason.To lose weight we have such a number of
tips and other ways.
Exercise, yoga,daily routine,maintain your diet and so on.
A number of people who have very good experience of that for losing weight.

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go walking early morning and avoid junk food like fried rice, i mean more Oil food is not good for health, drink more water and eat more fruits rather than rice


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Rice is a staple in many countries, though, but one thing to remember is to eat whole grain rice as opposed to refined white rice, and to balance your diet with different selections from the many food groups at each meal.

Never overdo any one thing, and for Pete's Sake, avoid processed and refined foods - oils, sugars, grains, etc.

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I think it's very good to be concern about weight & thanks Hull for your suggestion..

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That's very good. If you get any solution, then please share with us..

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it is nice, i think it is useful for many people.

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One of the best ways to lose weight and maintain it is to eat smaller portions of food at one sitting, but then eat more often. This really works. Also, drink plenty of water throughout the day. This stops hunger, too.

The stomach is about the size of your fist, and it uses what you eat, digests it, and then there's nothing left to "store" as fat. Then, eat a little more a couple of hours later, and on and on and on. You eat, are satisfied, and no weight gain.