Topic: How long before I recover from aspartame poisoning?

I was drinking 1-2 litres of coke zero for four years straight. In that time, my hair started to thin significantly, and my temples receded quite badly as well. I quit all aspartame products in the middle of November, and within a month and a half, saw definite regrowth in my temple area, and my hair became obviously thicker on top, which convinces me aspartame was the cause of the problem. The thing is, my hair hasn't quite gotten back to the way it used to; my crown still has patches of hair loss, the temples aren't quite where they used to be, and the top is still thinner generally.

What I'm wondering is: is this normal? How long, if ever, before I should expect a full recovery?


Re: How long before I recover from aspartame poisoning?

I think that your regrowth is exceptionally bountiful and more than most people experience so quickly. It will keep coming back over time. Supplement with pure silica, and this will make restoration even better. You have recovered very nicely, tho! Be glad you have restored as well as you have after drinking so much aspartame for so long.