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I just started taking Niacin to help me detox. At first I took 500mg and not only had sever flushing all over my body but my skin started to get puffy and my breathing was heavy. Was this an allergic reaction?
I cut back to 100mg and take a baby aspirin 20 minutes before and now the flushing is much better. When should I move up to 200 mg?
Is it a good sign that the flushing starts within about 10 minutes after taking it?

Rely will be greatly appreciated smile

Thank you

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WOW, you started with too much. Yes, take 100 mg and then work your way up to more if you don't flush within 20 minutes or so. Increase 50 mg at a time, so you won't get too strong a flush. When the flush is strong for three days straight, then begin decreasing it by 50 mg. Then take 50-100 mg daily to maintain clean blood.

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Dr. Hull, I am a 42 year old women who is suffering from Bacterial Vaginosis.  I am wondering if Niacin will and can help with this.  I have tried everything from vinegar, peroxide douches to inserting acidophilus pills directing into the vagina as well as inserting natural bacteria.  I am consistent with the treatments that I have been given myself and may get a day or two relief from the high-potency metallic smell that my body gives off.  I have consulted with several OB/GYN doctors and have tried every antibiotic known to man.  I am becoming depressed and have no idea how to take care of this.  Can you help?  I feel smelly and dirty all day long and feel like everyone around me and smell the same thing I smell.  Help!

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Thank you very much Dr. Hull for your help. I was also facing this type of problem..

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Thank you very much Dr. Hull for your suggestion. It was also needed for me..

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cdattner - First of all, stop guessing at what is causing this and find some answers. I seriously suggest letting me do a hair analysis on you to see what toxins are inside of you creating that metallic sensation. Then, I can suggest a special detox for exactly what shows up on the hair test.

It sounds like both yeast (Candida) and heavy metals are a the root of this, but I also don't want to be guessing. It's time for some answers, don't you think??

Go here and seriously consider having this done. There's no time to be wasting here: