Topic: Splenda Experience

I am diabetic and was diagnosed as having a "foot fungus".  After a year of various treatments, including a three month prescription for terbinafine, nothing stopped the burning and red on my toes and soles of my feet.  I am seeing a podiatrist.  He offered no reason for my problems but said I had "mild" neuropathy.  The burning and redness got worse and worse.  I finally figured out that it might be the Splenda.  I stopped using Splenda about twenty four hours ago and the burning sensation has not stopped and there is still redness, but both are much improved.  I am so glad I found your website and connected my problems with Splenda.  So much is said about aspertame that for awhile, I did not suspect Splenda.

Re: Splenda Experience

Well, the chlorine in Splenda, in your swimming pool, your spa, or in your household cleaning supplies has been known to create severe burning of the skin and body parts. I'd consider Splenda as a source of chlorine reactions, and your symptoms seem to fit.

There is something causing this, no question about that. Have you considered doing a hair analysis to see what is really going on inside of your body?

You are researching all possible causes, and this is great because as you search, you will find your answers.

Stay away from ALL food chemicals, especially when your body is reacting like this. Find the cause, and then you'll heal!!

Check out the hair analysis: