Topic: Extreme addicion and is it too late?

So I have been addicted to Splenda for about a year now.  It has gotten to the point where I have around 200 to 400 Splenda packets a day.  I will put in on everything I eat from vegetable, fruit, yogurt, spaghetti, eggs, and cereal.  More often than not, I just eat it straight from the packet.  I have gone 2 days now without having Splenda, but I need something so I have limited myself to about 15 to 20 Equal packets.  I don't feel the same addiction with Equal as I feel with Splenda.  I definitely feel better without Splenda.  I can run again without my muscles giving out after about 5 minutes.  Is using Equal just as bad?  Have I done any permanent damage to my body with this excessive Splenda use?  How do I keep myself from going back to this Splenda diet?

Thank you.

Re: Extreme addicion and is it too late?

200 to 400 packets A DAY??????? PLUS EQUAL???

Both are not natural, and both will make you sick. STOP!

Re: Extreme addicion and is it too late?

Splenda is mostly made out of dextrose and maltodextrin. You were probably craving it because its effects are very similar to pure sugar. Each 1 gram packet is actually 3.36 calories (they can say it's calorie free if has less than 5), so you were still consuming up to 1300 calories a day in Splenda alone. What's worse, though, is the amount of sucralose you were consuming. Assuming each packet was 1 gram containing 1% sucralose, that's up to 4 grams per day. The estimated daily intake level used by the FDA when approving sucralose was 1.1 mg/kg/day. A 150 lb person at this level would consume about 0.075 grams per day, or about 50 times less than what you had. Unfortunately, you may have cause some serious damage to your body. As far as your question, though, it is never to late! Stop using it if you haven't already, and if you find you're craving the "high," just use real sugar, but stay away from the man-made chemicals. Best of luck.

Re: Extreme addicion and is it too late?

Splenda is 3/4 chlorine from phosgene. I have the formula they used to create sucralose (Splenda) in my book, Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not? I got it from my friends in the EU shortly after sucralose was discovered.

Stop using anything that is made with human chemicals. I agree with MrCoffee - natural sugars are actually necessary for energy production, and a small amount of refined sugar isn't going to harm you, even a diabetic if it is a small amount daily. Our parents and grandparents were raised on both natural and refined sugars. The younger generations are fat, lazy, and mentally off because of the man-made chemicals put in our foods and specifically because of the diet sweeteners. Study the sociology of sugar - it's all so obvious when you look!