Topic: Pretty sure that aspartame is making me sick, have dumped it out today

This is slightly long, please bear with me.  :]

I started drinking diet pepsi in 2006 when I was suffering with constant BV that the doctors said regular soda or juice was causing. In the first year of drinking this, I noticed that my ears would ring a little bit then go away. The doctor told me it was an inner ear issue and sent me to a ENT. They did find out that I had vestibular issues.

In 2007 I started gaining weight, up to 40lbs, and felt a little tired. I felt so tired that going to the store to get groceries was a huge task. I complained to my doctor and he ran a thyroid panel and checked out my hormones. Everything was OK. Right around this time my eating started to go out of control. I had to have something from the bakery every day. Soon, my BV problems returned. So I switched off to sugar free treats.

In 2008 I had stopped gaining weight, but did not lose the extra 40 lbs I had put on. My legs started swelling up, and my ankles would swell too. Soon I developed lymphodema. My lower ankles would swell so badly, I would get skin breaks and infections would develop into cellulitis. My doctor told me to start on a low carb way of eating, and told me to continue on with diet beverages. In fact the list of food they gave me included diet beverages. He told me if I lost weight the lympodema would get better. Despite losing 30lbs, the leg swelling continued, even when I cut down the diet soda and drank more water. It was truly a mystery to me and the doctor. They sent me to a cardiologist and they found nothing that could cause the swelling. I was basically sent home and told I may have to live with this. They put me on diuretics. I stopped these diuretics because they were depleting my potassium so bad and making me ill. I just got into a habit where at the end of the day I spent it with my feet up. My activities ended for the day around 7pm, because by then, the swelling usually kicked in.

In 2009, the ear ringing came back but a little louder. I ignored it, thinking it was just my inner ear as the ENT told me.

In the fall of 2010, I developed an all over sick feeling in my body. I constantly felt like I had a flu. My legs hurt so bad I can't walk or stand to sit. The back of my neck started to hurt so bad and the tension and pain would spread down my arms. Then I started having my vision blur and the light in the room would dim. Some times, I would stand up and lose balance and need to sit back down. These spells would come and go, at least maybe once a week. I went back to the doctor who said it was hormones and that I was starting to go into perimenopause. He instructed me to go on hormones at this time, but I refused them.

Then my neck started getting worse and the doctor told me I had something called toriticollis?  I really started to wonder then how in the world I would just develop torticollis out of the blue. They gave me muscle relaxer to take. The nurse handed me one to take in the office since my husband was driving. It was supposed to be non narcotic. "flexiril". Let's just say this much, by the time we got home I could not remember my mother in law's name, or what day or year it was. I threw the script in the trash and started using heat pads and back massager. But to this day it still does not take it away. I just live with it.

In January 2011, I began suffering from ear ringing so loudly, that I sat with my hands over my ears and screamed and cried. The dizziness became incredibly worse. I went to the store one day, got in the door and walked over to the magazine section and felt as if I was going to pass out right there. I couldn't breathe, I felt weak, and my legs were going out from under me. My husband had to walk me to the car and off to the ER we went. They first told me I had a panic attack, then they said it was inner ear. Sent me home with medications. One of them being meclizine which makes me feel horrible but takes the edge off the dizziness. But the ear ringing, goes on.

In late January my vision starts getting worse. I can't focus my eyes on something, things start blurring more. Back to the doctor I go. A blood test shows for the first time in my life that my blood sugar level is "borderline". I am sent for a CTscan, and they find nothing. I go for MRI, they find nothing. They keep blaming these symptoms on my ears or my nerves.

In my research I found that many people with vestibular problems do suffer some of these symptoms but mine are so extreme that it seems unreal to me.

In March 2011, my husband was on the way to work one morning and I was getting lunches together. All of the sudden dizziness came on, I was so light headed I felt like my head was not attached to my body. I felt like I was slipping away. I felt like I was dying. I struggled to walk to the bathroom downstairs holding on to the rail. I couldn't breathe. My husband comes in and tries to talk to me. I hear him, but I can't respond to him. My mouth would not work. My entire mouth went numb. I felt like I had to struggle to form words to speak to him. I literally felt like I was dying in that moment. He ran and got me a meclizine, and 2 hours later I'm back to normal, although a bit light headed.

As March went on, I start to have these spells of breathlessness. I can't catch my breath and I feel like I can't fill up my lungs with air. This would go on all day, and when I laid down at night I propped my pillows up worried I would stop breathing and die. I felt so breathless laying in bed. As I drift to sleep I'd feel a JOLT that would hit me suddenly and I'd wake up feeling a panic. It was so weird. I still get this time to time.

Beginning of April I have another one of those bad spells like I had that morning when my husband was on his way to work except this time I'm home alone. I somehow pull myself out of it and it goes away.

Toward mid April, I'm going over the things I eat in my diet, I have cut out so much process stuff, I basically eat very low carb with lean meats, no red meat. I run out of diet soda, and we had a freak snow storm here (I'm in the mountains) and we can't go get my soda. The hours pass so I start drinking water. In late evening I notice that the ear ringing was not as loud as usual and the light headed feelings were not as intense. I notice I start to feel more present in my conscious state and things around me don't look as dark/dimmed, or dulled.

Next day I get some diet soda and after one glass I paid attention to how I feel. My neck started to tighten, I felt very light headed, a little breathless, and the pressure and ringing in my ears started to get worse.

I have been doing so much research, staying up late despite my eyes hurting from the computer screen. I'm starting to believe that aspartame may be poisoning me. In fact I hope that this is what is causing all my trouble because I'm terrified that I'll never feel good again. I'm 40 years old, and I feel like I'm so much older. I have so little energy I can barely function. As I write this tonight, I just feel like I'm dying. To be honest with all of you here, I have already gotten my affairs in order a year ago because I keep thinking I won't wake up some morning and I have a 7 year old little girl I don't know if I see grow up. So I hope that this is aspartame poisoning. Crazy to say, right?

I've clued my husband in on all of this and have linked him to Dr Hull's page and he poured out the soda today. He won't touch it again either, he said.  He has gotten me some zevia to try tomorrow, to help combat soda craving and caffiene headaches.

Thank you Dr Hull for your info and when I can I'll get your book. I'm scared as to what the detox will feel like. But at this point I got to do something.

One thing I need to add to this is, I have been consuming at least 1 - 2 liters daily of diet pepsi.

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Re: Pretty sure that aspartame is making me sick, have dumped it out today

You pretty much just listed every symptom of Aspartame® poisoning. Keep us updated on your recovery.

Re: Pretty sure that aspartame is making me sick, have dumped it out today

I have been off diet soda for almost 3 days. The first two days were extremely tough.

On the first day I craved soda very badly. I drank a lot of water!
On the 2nd day I started to have an allergy type reaction where I itched everywhere and had some rashes on my body. My ears ring too and I have some nausea.
Today I'm doing better. Ears still ring but my mood is much happier and my head feels more clear.

I drank diet soda for so many years and I never thought I could get away from it. I can't tell you all how good it feels not to be chained to that 2 liter of soda now.

For now I'm drinking plenty of water and for caffeine I'm having some unsweetened tea and lemon.
I tried having a regular soda but it was so syrupy and sweet I couldn't drink it.
Today I'm starting to like the taste of water.

If I can do this, anyone can. I tried getting away from diet soda years ago and as soon as the withdrawal hit I went back. This time i stayed determined because I'm tired of being sick.

Oh yes and the breathless feeling has greatly improved this morning. I can't believe the difference.

Re: Pretty sure that aspartame is making me sick, have dumped it out today

Another thing I want to add here is, I think what finally pushed me over the edge into having more severe symptoms toward the end was my switching all snacks to include aspartame and splenda. I had gone on a diet and was counting calories. So I switched and that seemed to really bring out the bad symptoms, very quickly.

My house is cleaned out of the aspartame and splenda and it won't be coming back.

I didn't know it all this time, but quaker oats weight control oatmeal has sucralose in it. I used to get breathless feelings after eating it and just never made the connection.

I have to wonder how many people eat these different foods without knowing this poison is mixed into it.

Re: Pretty sure that aspartame is making me sick, have dumped it out today

I am crying as I read all the posts and very similiar problems I have. Montana, I really am excited for you and hope you just found the answer to your health issues...wouldnt it just be so great if this is the problem!! As I am hoping it is mine or at least a part of it. Looks as if we are going to give Dr. Hull some reading today because I have a history too. I have been crying on and off for months and recently constantly. I really am at the end of my rope looking for a place to check in if I cant get relief because I am fearful of being home alone(not fearing myself, fearing my health and lack of quick help if needed).

so here I go just to sum up along battle.
2001-2010 I drank diet sodas and in 2006 i changed to caffeine free diet. then in 2009 I changed to sprite. I never drank water ever...I HATED IT.
***I have been on narcotic meds for five yrs now along with neurontin for 7mnths***
2005-current started having PVC's and body pain
2007 I had colitis badly. was also told then that I had uterine fibroids(small). I constantly had stoach problems and severe migraine third day into my period every month like clockwork. I always have body pain, shoulders, neck, legs. In 2008 I started losing weight due to pain after eating. I would get stomach pain so bad that I didnt want to eat. I found that ice cream and bread was all I could eat. I finally had my gallbladder removed in 2009. The day I went home from surg. I developed severe gerd(never had a reflux problem before surg). I was in ER several times thinking I was having a heart attack. Surg was in May. In August I started getting ear aches and ear vibrations. I was in and out of dr. through the rest of yr. being treated for ear infections, mastoiditis,sinus infection that all never exsisted. In Jan 2010 I saw an ENT and he said it was inflammation in my TMJ. He injected my joints with something and the pain was horrible for two wks and then went away for a couple of mnths.....Then all of a sudden In July 2010 I had an attack that I cant describle. I wanted to die. shocking pain in my mouth right side of face. went to er and they said it was Trigeminal Neuralgia that whole time. I had this for a couple mnths with no relief... until I was finally admitted through ER of St joseph into Barrow Neuro in Phx. MRI showed inflammation of tri nerve but for no reason???? I soon reliezed sugar was causing flare-ups. so I cant have sugar or even natural I changed to splenda everything. creamer,icecream,candy,breads,drinks.
Neurontin was helping but started noticing that during my menstrual cycle the TN pain would be worse the two days before I started then migraine third day in for three days then TN pain after period was over. Then was under controll thru month for the most part.
Jan. 2011 I had severe pain in abdomen along with the TN pain in my jan cycle. went to DR. and had ultrasound. My (small fibroid) was 8 cm and I needed surg to have it removed along with 2 ovarian cysts.
The only thing that changed was the migraine went away while I had the cysts.
So to clear things up.... I cant chew many foods, I cant have any sugar including natural in fruits and some veggie, I weigh 110, I have developed nerve pain in other areas of body along with heat sensations in my right side of body, labs for yrs are either completely normal or show low wbc and low electrolytes and gallbladder surg I had elevated liver enzymes. But otherwise normal. I had spinal done in Barrows that showed high lyphs otherwise all very normal labs...low wbc as well.
So March. 21 was abdominal surg. I woke up with no left arm function due to positioning in surg. I have been in pt for wks now with some improvement. I lost alot of weight that wk. My liver enzymes went up again because of all the meds, no heps all neg. my heart went out of wack and my nerve pain 10/10. My naturalpath has me on a multivitamin with mineral, a probiotic, fishoil, and I take oxy and neurontin as well. we did liver tests that show my liver went back to normal, all labs in normal range again. but now in the last couple weeks I found a new breyers low carb sugar free ice cream, that I have been eating daily. well my face is partly numb around my eye, my TM is really bad because my period just ended and this mimics estrogen along with my already estrogen dominance for some reason, my tongue feels I am throwing it all out. My dr. wants to do a cleanse with ULTRACLEAR RENEW. and also do a candida test and cleanse. I am hurting so bad and dont know what else could be the cause of all of this.

Could these toxins of caused my Trigeminal nueralgia and estrogen dominance?? Dr. Hull do you know if there is a link between estrogen and it affecting tmj and TN?? Could this liver detox reverse the TN and estrogen dominance? I am removing the splenda from my diet this second. today I have had creamer and a powerade drink with it....

Also my daughter started using my sugar free creamer a couple mnths ago and I just thought of this but she has been playing VB for 4 yrs with never an issue and recently she started getting a very swollen hand ten min. into practice could this be from splenda? oh man there is so much I didnt say in here... I hope this can get me some answers.
thank you, sorry I am emotionally a mess.

Re: Pretty sure that aspartame is making me sick, have dumped it out today

My question is: why do you doubt aspartame, Splenda, Ace-K, Neotame....that any of these sweeteners are NOT to blame?

The case histories are there, the research is there, epidemic health syndromes began shortly after aspartame was introduced in 1982, birth defects are there, ED, brain tumors, hair loss, MS, much more has to happen before this truth is easily accepted? Believe it - readily accept this truth. Then you can move forward on healthier footing and begin to enjoy living again.

Believe it!

Re: Pretty sure that aspartame is making me sick, have dumped it out today

I believe with all I have that these chemicals have done me wrong in a huge way. I have been glued to my laptop researching this. I went to the store today and I bought stevia and my mom bought me a stevia cookbook and we also bought Healing With Whole Food book as well. I went through my frig and pantry removing all these chemicals and I posted on my fb for my friends and family to learn more.

Do you know anything about this UltraClear renew?? I am to start this product soon when my bowels get in better shape and I put a little more weight on. The problem I may face is the sugar in it. Like I said in prev posts I for some reason cant intake sugar. I am not diabetic and dont have cavitys. But when I comsume sugar even natural in fruits and veggies I will have a trigeminal nueralgia attack ( I have been tracking symptoms for a yr) that seems to generate from my TMJ so for some reason I get inflammation that triggers a TN attack. Also my estrogen levels affect it too. So I went to all splenda that doesnt cause a TN attack....but now I see all the other stuff it did.

So my dr. said that my body is toxic and I need to detox but your detox seems so different than what I will be on?????

Do you think stevia is okay for me? Also I take prescription meds, when I detox wont my meds detox as I take them? Its a catch 22. I need the meds for all the nerve damage and pain, but need to detox so I can get rid of all the pain and hopefully repair the nerve damage....what do I do. my naturalpath is only in town 4 days a month. I live in a very small town. She comes up only a few days. So its hard to ask questions as I am changing things.

thank you, mj

Re: Pretty sure that aspartame is making me sick, have dumped it out today

mj29art wrote:

So my dr. said that my body is toxic and I need to detox but your detox seems so different than what I will be on?????

I think you should accept the reality that all mainstream medicine has been captured by the pharmaceutical industry and that include Searle which produces Aspartame®. As a result, doctors are very ignorant and actively promote highly profitable toxins in much the same way that they were once pushers for the tobacco industry. It sounds like you are discovering this on your own and making good progress, but your trust in existing authority systems is getting in your way. Doctors got you into this mess and they are not going to get you put of it. As long as you are a patient, you are going to be sick. Quit the drugs, the chemicals and the doctors who push them. You know what you have to do, clean up and live a natural healthy life.

Oh, and stay away from hospitals, they are full of sick people.

Re: Pretty sure that aspartame is making me sick, have dumped it out today

Gnarlodious - LOVE your post!

mj29art - you do have a decision to make: go with the mainstream, which doesn't seem to be working for most people, or learn more about yourself and what your body really needs and take charge of your health. Make your choices - decide what is good for you and what is not. But, never let someone else decide for you.

Re: Pretty sure that aspartame is making me sick, have dumped it out today

It is very important to choose the quality hearing aid and you cannot take a risk with your hearing.

Re: Pretty sure that aspartame is making me sick, have dumped it out today

Hearing aid? You mean for tinnitus and hearing problems caused by aspartame? No, a hearing aid should not be required. Getting off aspartame is the answer to this.