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I have had type 2 diabetes for 11 years. I thought sugar free drinks were better than the alternative. I drink diet coke daily and also add crystal light to water to keep it tasty. I realize more and more that aspartame could be causing or contributing to, a lot of my issues ( I have type 2 diabetes, MS, high BP).

Besides plain water...what alternatives are there for drinks for me ? I can't go back to regularly sugared drinks and realize that the diet coke and crystal light have to be cut out.

I haven't read your book yet, but I also thought that getting foods ie yogurt sweetened with splenda was a 'better'alternative than aspartame. How do I avoid all the sugars and still have an enjoyable diet ???

I live in Canada so some of the products people in US get may not be available here.


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Well, please do read both Sweet Poison and Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not. Your answers to turning your life around forever are in these books. Being a diabetic doesn't mean you can't enjoy your foods. You can have a glass of wine in the evenings, or a regular cola every now and again. But no one, especially kids, should be eating or drinking sugary foods to the degree people consume them today. Learn to enjoy foods for the natural taste and nutrition value and stop focusing on the "pleasure" aspect. Natural foods can be very satisfying, so turn your focus away from what you feel you are sacrificing, and make a list of all the natural foods you CAN have. Enjoy fresh brewed tea in all flavors instead of a cola. Please read the books, and then ask me again.

And try NuStevia by NuNaturals for baking, coffee, tea, for everything. It's great.

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Even if you're not a diabetic, eating can be just fine without diet sweeteners. I never use them, and my diet is fine, but healthy.

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Is there any possibility that aspartame is added to insulin injections?  -use the Lantus SoloStar "pen".  Have had serious problems with unexplained weakness, loss of balance, lack of concentration, etc.  Have had just about every test there is and all are negative.

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I think your problem lies in your terminology of an "enjoyable diet". Normal people enjoy eating chickpeas, lentils, cottage cheese and water. They taste good. Even water. Yes, water actually tastes good. Unless you are used to eating chemicals meant to stimulate your taste buds. In that case, good food tastes boring.

So the whole idea of chemicals is NOT to help you be healthy but rather to turn you into an addict for the chemical. If you think these corporations have any altruistic motivation you are just wrong. Legalized drug pushers is what they are. Quit the drug and normal food will taste better.

You gotta force yourself to start eating real food. Gradually you will start to taste again. Eat wholesome natural food, you will be healthy and eat less.

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I agree with your post, and once the palette has returned to appreciating the various flavors in natural foods, chemical and processed foods taste so, well, processed and cardboard-like. Yuck  just thinking about it. Good gads, people have eaten whole foods and been happy with them for centuries. Modern humans have only been eating this junk for less than 50 years, and look at we have become. Gosh, a strawberry is very sweet. Fresh dairy. Whole grains are deliciously sweet. Natural juices from berries.

We have gotten so far off track!

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Please allow me to make observations based on my own life and times.

I've been type II diabetic since the 80's and am now paying for it.  My sugar osmosis problems began about five years ago.  It took a long time for me to figure out what the problem was and how to control it.  Bottom line, I can't eat anything but cane sugar as a sweetner.  No artificials, nor any sugar alcohols, and especially no corn sweetners.  High fructose/maltose corn sweetner will keep me "busy" for several days.  I know I'm on the wrong side of the bell curve on this one.  I'm not saying don't eat this or that.  I am saying that I found my sensitivity was well beyond normal and the prudent person should be prepared to do whatever it takes and question everything in their diet. 


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You're on the right track, ibfunky, BIG TIME. If you have found a natural food (sugar) that makes you healthy, then how can you think that's wrong? The people on the other side of the bell curve are the ones buying into the BS that diet sweeteners are the way to go. And who is telling us that?? The companies making the millions off everyone getting sick and fat from them.