Topic: misdiagnosis as graves?

i was recently diagnosed with graves by my radiologist because after reviewing my thyroid scan and uptake he determined i has an enlarged thyroid and all the percentages were significantly higher than norm. My endo doesnt think its graves because all my blood work says all thyroid levels are completely normal. could this be aspartame poisoning? During the past three years i have had 1-4 cans of diet soda each day. i dont drink it anymore as of feb. but still have all the horrible symptoms.

Re: misdiagnosis as graves?

Yes, this certainly can be caused by aspartame. PLEASE read my book Sweet Poison before you do anything permanent or spend more money at the doctor. THIS happened to me, and it wasn't Grave's disease or thyroid disease, it was aspartame disease. I detoxed aggressively after my diagnosis to remove the damage done, and I had a hair analysis to show what that damage was. It helped speed my recovery, but that was almost 20 years ago, and I have been perfectly healthy ever since.

Consider doing a hair analysis, and don't play around with wasting time with this. Get off ALL diet sweeteners, detox and restore the damage. If you are like me and hundreds of others who have contacted me, you'll be perfectly fine!

Go to if you're interested in the hair analysis providing you some answers!