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I am being refered to a neurologist because of all of these symptoms that i have been experiencing and i have been a major major consumer of sugar free products for about 8 years now and am hoping and praying that MS has not already been caused because of it...has anyone had these symptoms after a long exposure of sugar free products and it not be MS after all? I am so scared and i have stopped the aspartame for about 2-3 weeks now but havnt really seen too much of an improvement especially cognitively as i forget things have trouble finding words and concentrating... has anyone experienced all of these things with Aspartame? If anyone could share their experience/symptoms of aspartame poisening or of aspartame causing disease/etc. i would really feel not to alone in all of the limbo-land that the doctors have me in with an MS diagnoses. Thanks so much in advance

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I am a 47 yr. old female who was just diagnosed with MS after an MRI revealed 10 brain lesions and several lesions from my brain stem all the way down to the middle of my back. I am terrified. I have always bragged that health is all in your mind.
I have consumed 12-14 Diet Coke's or Diet Pepsi's per day for 30 years. Starting at 5a.m every day.
I have severe incontinence, numbness in hands, feet, tripping (coordination) , an "electrical shock wave" shoots through upper body when bending head down, severe depression from being fatigued to the point that it is an effort just to take a shower. Vision and concentration problems, headaches, etc.
The diagnosis scared me into action and I quit all aspartame products cold turkey a week ago. Water only.
I wonder if I actually have aspartame poisoning..?? or if the mass consumption of aspartame at least aggrivated MS.
I have been studying and found that sunlight, D3, Omega 3's and NO aspartame can greatly reduce symptoms.
My question is: is it too late for me? Can I still heal or at least inhibit progression if it is indeed MS?

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Please don't question this connection - aspartame and a MS diagnosis. Just because your doctor doesn't bring this up, doesn't mean it isn't the core cause of all your health symptoms. The Big Pharma companies run our country and our government, and as time goes on, more and more people are realizing this. The AMA is lobbied BIG TIME by Big Pharma because the doctors are their "salesmen", so corporate docs have been told there is nothing wrong with aspartame and to drop the topic. And they do.

Think about these case studies: many elderly spend more on drugs than on their living expenses. Many have decided to drop their meds because they choose to have a higher quality of life as opposed to standing in pharmacy lines. And guess what?? They get better!!! They start feeling better, have more energy, and sleep better. They realize that they were over-medicated and have more energy again!

Here's another example: after all these tragic tornadoes and floods, many people have lost their homes and they are NOT taking their medications because they have been sweep away by natural disasters. Getting them "refilled" isn't a priority, and these people are feeling better within a few days - more energy, more mental clarity to actually deal with tragedy. These people are realizing THEY didn't need the list of meds they were dependent on.

So, always consider the negative influences of the "processed" foods and meds our society has become addicted to. Go to and order Dr. Woodrow Monte's DVD Solving the Mystery of MS: Is your Diet Secretly Poisoning You?

Here lies your proof that IT IS!!!!!!

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Hi Angela,

I'm new to this site..but see my post below. I was a hard-core diet coke drinker, and have used tons of aspartame products.
I always thought if I didn't drink 12-14 soda's a day and eat aspartame low calorie snacks...I would eat more and gain weight and now have learned it is exactly the opposite because as Dr. Hull simply causes you to crave carbohydrates. So I'm now on week 2 of quitting soda/aspartame products completetly. I want to see progress...but 30 years of damage does not repair immediately.
because I have been reluctantly put on steroids (horrible for you and your liver) to reduce extreme inflammation on my brain and spinal cord, I am unable to accurately determine exactly what is helping me the incontinence is a bit better, I can feel my hand and foot now (still tingles though) and I am not so weak. The soda withdrawl only lasted a couple of days with headaches...
See my sysmptoms below...I forgot to add I have read if MS syptoms are need to have all old mercury fillings taken out ...I have scheduled removal of two I have.

I am just learning about all of this but I have to do everything I can to help myself. I will have a spinal tap (lumbar pucture) on Tuesday and am so is supposed to be a difinitive diagnosis for MS...but here's the thing: I will not let the Dr. be a "God". No matter what he tells me....I will still do what I can nutritionally , spiritually and emotionally to help myself....I won't just do whatever he and the monetary motivated pharmaceutical companies want me to ...which is to take the drugs they say for the rest of my life and never look into nutrition, aspartame poisoning, etc. I will not be helpless. This is my body, my life. if my symptoms do indeed get better after aspartame detox....I will be thrilled!! I accept that I am responsible for abusing my body and health for many years and there are consequences...but I am going to forgive myself, try to make it right, and move on. Again, the things I have read that help (can't hurt) are: sunlight, B-12, D-3, Omega 3, Calcium with Magnesuim to help assimilate (spelling?), reduced stress, sleep, hydration, remove mercury and in my life...spiritual strength.
Let us know how you are doing and stick with it!! We can do this!! smile


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Thanks so much for replying smile Kathy im so sorry to hear about what your going through that must be so hard...its so sad to see so many peoples health deteriorating at such a high rate and I know that Aspartame and pesticides have a lot to do with it. It sounds like your being positive and strong through all of this and taking charge of your health and diagnoses which is good, i think its so strange how people will go months even years with symptoms like these and just brush them off because a doctor couldnt find a clearcut reason.
Im having really similar symptoms and im a 26 year old female who has been extremely health conscience for the past 8 years and now everything seems to be on the line with possibly having MS...walking/thinking/moving/feeling/etc. and I dont really have any family or friends that would help me if i got husband already has his foot out the door since before all of my symptoms and isnt supporting me through all of the current issues and limbo-land appts. Which is an added heartbreak and stress that I really dont need and cant handle right now.. I had a rhematologist appt which was a waste of time because he just stressed that i need to see a neurologist, saw my neurologist yesterday and shes sending me to get an MRI and blood tests for APS. So im awaiting my appt...please pray for me as I will you smile I know that if we take good care of our bodies our health will reflect it and i dont think prescriptions are the answers to everything either.
Just curious if you ever looked into whether you have a blocked jugular vein? (CCSVI) Everyone keeps talking about how contriversial it is but i dont understand what is so contriversial about unblocked a vein that is blocked? It just sounds to me like a bunch of Big Pharma people that would lose out on money. Id ask for a dopplar ultrasound to see if you have any blockage as it might help/prevent further damage.
I heard about the mercury in fillings but i also heard that removing them can expose you to ten times as much mercury as whats in your teeth? I cant remember where i read it but i heard its more dangerous? Anyway sorry for writing a book but its nice to talk with someone about this smile you will definitely be in my prayers!

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Good to know to check a blocked jugular...I have never heard that (i was too busy ignoring all my symptoms and health in general) smile ....I'll definetely check that and that mercury filling issue/danger out. Thanks!!
I am so very sorry that you don't have a lot of support...I, like you, am scared and this is hard enough to deal with ...then to have to go through it without support and love. Well, I don't know you Angela, and I'm new to all of this too...but I'll be here...and we can compare notes as we go through this...and I am supporting you. I am so proud you quit aspartame too!! I read elsewhere that you can reverse 71% of ms like symptoms by simply cutting aspartame out!!
I have always had back and neck issues (extreme crushing spine kind of pain when standing in one spot, etc.) but then got tingling that gradually got worse and led to numbness in hands and feet...dizziness, nerves shooting through upper body when I bend head, tripping, lack of balance, headaches (severe) , worse vision/blurry, trouble concentrating and staying on task (I'm literally afraid of losing my job....I want to work, but I am so very weak and tired and have a hard time concentrating on difficult tasks..sometimes at work I go in the bathroom and just lean against the wall thinking: "how will I get back to my desk and appear normal? Where wil I get the energy?) This weakness has ked to severe depression and guilt...because I don't get anything done. I want to work out and lose weight but just have no energy to do it.
I think we will definetely start to gain energy and relief of symptoms soon....we have to hang tight and be patient.
try to anything at all that brings you joy every matter how small...for me's music....and try to spend time actually thinking positive and tell yourself no matter what that MRI matter what they could still be aspartame poisoning.
I will be praying for you and thinking of you...let me know how it goes and I'll keep you updated after my spinal tap Tuesday...
P.S: I was also tested for B-12 deficiency which can cause these symptoms, and d vitamins...they said I'm in the normal range...but I'm taking supplements anyway.

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Thank you so much for being so kind and encouraging, especially since your going through so much right now yourself. The good thing about your situation is that no matter what at least you are aware that Aspartame plays a part in it and youve removed it, that you could have a blocked jugular which could alleviate most symptoms, and that you are taking the right vitamins to help it. Reading about how you feel at your job brought tears to my eyes because I can only imagine how horrible that must feel. I have had similar bouts where I feel like everything I say or do comes off really weird to people and even I think that I sound weird sometimes but I just feel like I cant get my thoughts and my words out right. The one thing I know for sure about that is that anxiety itself can create those difficulties. Worrying too much about if I look/sound/act weird along with worrying about MS is enough to create gaps in our normal thinking because their so preoccupied with worry. Have you tried taking Cod liver oil or fish oil along with your suppliments? They really help with memory and with circulation, also CoQ10 also helps repair nerve function and brain function.  If you dont mind me asking, how long did you have those symptoms you descrbied before you went to the doctor? How long did it take for you to get an MRI?
I cant remember if I already said this (another memory lost) lol but I went to my neuro last week and they are sending me for an MRI, when you got yours did they do one with and without contrast? Did they do an MRA also?
Stay strong and God will get you thru anything no matter what it is. I will be thinking about you today hoping that everything goes okay with your spinal tap and I will defintely continue praying for you. smile Let me know how everything goes

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One of the hardest things to do when recovering from aspartame poisoning is to believe you have identified the cause of your health problems, and to stand up against your doctor's belittling. Since the AMA is controlled by the Big Pharma, the docs have been told that aspartame is perfectly fine and to stay away from this topic. Since the doctors, for the most part, do NOT recognize aspartame poisoning as a real thing, they will diminish any questions you have about aspartame causing your health problems, and look for anything and everything else possible. After spending hundreds of dollars on lab test deductibles, medications, and hours spent in doctor waiting rooms, you come up with nothing showing up on the tests - unless something else was also there and then the docs spotlight THAT as the cause of everything.

So, believe it! And believe that you actually know more than your doctor concerning aspartame. Believe that once aspartame is removed and you have restored the nutrients your body so badly needed, you and your body can heal. At the very least, you won't be getting worse and worse and worse.

Re: Tingling/numbness/muscle weakness/fatigue/memory loss from Aspartame?

Hi Angela!

Sorry for the delay in my reply to your last's been a whirlwind of a week...
The lumbar puncture wasn't as scary or painful as I worried it would be. It did reveal the T-cells (?) that are associated with MS that attack the Myelin. The Dr. officially diagnosed me with MS.
(for a moment, he considered Devic's desease...which is I think a more agressive form of demylination ...but said he ruled it out because I have brain lesions (10 or more) and he said you usually won't see that with Devic's....

I am supposed to go today to discuss treatment...which I have researched and will be Copaxone, Rebif or Interferon....daily or multi-weekly self injectibles...they are horrible for your liver, can cause severe depression, even suicidal thoughts, sexual dysfunction, flu like symptoms, and of course, because the whole purpose is to suppress the white blood cell count....they weaken your immune system leaving you open to other serious illnesses.
I know my lesions are serious, I saw them on my MRI (oh, to answer your question, yes, they did some images with and without contrast)...and God willing my new aspartame free diet will heal me...but I don't know what to do!! I do not want to take any the same time I am scared to have any more "attacks" on my myelin that could leave me with permanent spinal cord, vision or brain damage...
I read that I should excersise, then I read I shouldn't because I'm not supposed to get "over-heated". I read I need B-12, and D3 but tested fine for them and read too much B6 can make symptoms is so easy to read so much that you get so confused!
My sysmptoms are so minute I'm okay, the next I am wiped out and can hardly lift my legs or head...I find that I "crash" around 1:00 in the afternoon. (right now it is literally hard to hold my head up and breathe)
I know it is important I stay positive and stress free....but to be honest, I'm scared, and it is hard. I need so much to quit my job, but we cannot afford it and disability would only pay 60% of my income.
A lot of tough decisions to make...
Do you have the MRI results yet? What is an MRA? What is APS they tested you for?
To answer your timeline question: My back has felt "crushed" and burned with pain for years, but got much worse over the last year. The Incontinence got worse the last few months. The doctors told me it was only because I had several uterine tumors, some of which sat over my bladder. They removed them when they did my hysterectomy (kept my ovaries)....nothing fact, I got worse. I do think the stress from that surgery kicked off an attack on my myelin...just my opinion. Regarding memory loss and confusion/clarity, ect....I understand....for instance, I am well aware this post is rambling and the thoughts I have typed are not in the order that makes the most sense...but I literally don't have the focus or energy to revise them...
Please let me know how you are and know that I'm praying for you and thinking of you...
My sister has neuropathy and they were going to amputate her legs a few months ago...she was almost blind and in severe neurological pain...she does not take any drugs and now sees much better, took a hike the other day and thinks her myelin is actually repairing itself!!! ...all through nutrition (and prayer) smile

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Keep us posted on your progress. I am saddened you are going through this.

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Wow, this is a difficult situation. Good luck kathyzthoughts and friendlily. Stay positive and learn all that you can to help others someday.

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Im so sorry to hear about your official diagnoses but at the same time at least you know whats going on and since you know early on you can possibly help prevent further damage. I also want you to know that you are not alone and i know that its hard for some family/friends to understand because the symptoms seem to jump around so much that it sounds like your making it up or that your being a hypochondriac. But you are not alone in your symptoms and feelings and you did not sound funny or rambly in your last post smile  I totally agree with you on all the meds and the side effects, if i am actually diagnosed i will not take any of those. If you think about it they have only been proven to diminish 30% of the chance of having an attack...which means you still have a 70% chance of having a relapse along with a bunch of other problems now due to the side effects. And it doesnt seem worth it to me. Im not sure where you live but in California there is a clinic here where they test for CCSVI, have you looked into that? They have found that 90% of MS patients have blockages in their jugular veins or in some veins in their neck and after they are unblocked they have AMAZING improvements in their symptoms. You should look on youtube for kezzcass or just type in ccsvi before after and you will see. It is the most hopeful thing that i can think of for MS patients. The only problem is that 99% of doctors dont even know what it is and have absolutely no idea how to check for it because its so new but if you were able to go to a clinic thats specific for CCSVI and have them test you for it i think it could be life changing. I have actually heard that Big Pharma gets around 30,000 a month in MS treatments/appts/etc. per MS patient which equals to billions of dollars in medications/shots/appts. that they would be losing out on if this new CCSVI treatment is proven (which almost everyone is trying to discredit already, some countries banned doctors from even checking for it! Which is ridiculous because a blocked vein is a blocked vein and should be unblocked regardless of whether you have ms or not). Getting an angioplasty due to a blocked vein and having that fix a whole host of symptoms only costs 10, thats a big enough reason to them (in dollar signs) to be discrediting it. Also have you looked into LDN (low dose naltrexone)? If you google that you will see a bunch of people that have really benifited from that medication and it doesnt seem nearly as dangerous as the other MS meds and its really really affordable ($40 a month without insurance) but also a lot of drs arent familiar with that either. Anyways sorry for rambling lol I just really want you to feel like you have some hope because there defintely is some especially in this new treatment! God can do amazing things and you never know the next time you get an MRI some of the lesions can be gone (lesions can go away). I cant remember if i already told you but CoQ-10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C,E,D, Magnesium, and Cod Liver Oil are really good for MS and helping to restore the myelin nerve damage.
I am still waiting for my MRI (the insurance, of course, is taking its time approving it because they dont want to have to pay for it lol) but i will keep you updated. APS is to test if you have "sticky blood" to see if there are any blood clotting. Im just trying to find any hope that my symptoms could be coming from something else but i still have no results and no idea about anything lol the doctors keep telling me they think it sounds a lot like MS but cant be sure until the MRI.
If you ever want to talk/vent/cry/or share your fears you can always contact me smile You are and have been in my prayers and i hope you are getting the support that you need right now smile 

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I am a 47 year old female living in California. I was diagnosed with MS in Sep of '10, I have been a heavy diet soda drinker until Dec. '08, and then Crystal Light Diet Ice Tea and Diet Snapple.

My sister and Aunt both pointed out that they have aspertame and then my Aunt found an article showing a connection to exasperation of MS symptoms and aspertame poisoning. I have stopped ALL diet drinks (just the past 2 days) and now carry Stevia with me. Since I have been on Rebif for several months and not have any real improvement I am hoping that this will have a positive effect on my recovery.

But I am curious as to how long it will take to remove the toxins from my body?

What are the symptoms that I will be facing with this detox?

And has anyone else been faced with MS and had improvement with aspertame detoxing.

Thanx Babett