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I hear all of support behind why we shouldnt use artificial sweetners. I am current splenda user because, I refuse to used refined sugar & I also refuse to eat certain foods without a sweetness. I would prefer NOT to use it, but I am not the kind of person that will give up sweetness or eat brown rice, or eat nonfat yogurt unsweetened, or drink green tea with only a teaspoon of honey, JUST because its good for me. I have a recipe for lowfat pumpkin bread, and it's ridiculous to expect someone to eat that bread without the sweetness because the sweetness=flavor in certain foods, just as salt does. Mrs. Dash, I am NOT a fan of. It's a bunch of bull. I hope someone can give me some ideas of what to substitute. i know there is also this product called estiva, isnt that supposed to be a natural sweetner? Help? I do want to be healthy, but I need certain things in my diet to be sweet, it's non-negoitable. Thanks in advanced.


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Hello timost2. I hear your plea and can relate. Being diabetic I am always looking for solutions to getting a sweet fix. For me when first dxd with diabetes is was diet sodas. Now, acknowledging and understanding the negative affects of aspartame I am almost diet soda free. Now drinking 1 - 2 six packs a week vs. 4-5 12packs a week some 6months or more back I am happy with my progress. Yet, the elusive sweet fix became a larger culprit for me to deal with. I now manage it with two things. First, from the Metabolic Typing Diet I have learned my sweet cravings are a side effect of a nutrient lack in my system somewhere. Second, eating healthier choices like fruit and berries now suffices my thirst for a sweet fix. And, when  temptation causes me to break down, moderation becomes the key.

Jumping about and surfing a bit I discovered the following sites you  may have an interest in. Some have repetitive info, yet that may cause one to realize these solutions are widely accepted. Smile when you can and remember to have fun, fun, fun,

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