Topic: typical first week symptoms of going off aspartame?

i drank my last diet coke last wednesday and had my last stick of gum with aspartame last thursday.  what are typical detox symptoms?  the only thing i have changed is no aspartame, but i am already dealing with hypothyroid issues so sometimes it is hard to tell one thing from another.  are aspartame detox symptoms similar to aspartame side effect symptoms?  i have the headaches but i also have head pressure, dizziness, lightheadedness, disorientation, fatigue, unsettled feelings, appetite that comes and goes with mild nausea, etc. are these detox related?  i wish i knew when one starts and another can be very depressing to be a sick person.  how long does this hell last?????? thanks for some advice, i am in a pretty dark place right now.

Re: typical first week symptoms of going off aspartame?

Congrats on a healthier lifestyle. Typical symptoms are headaches right in the middle of your forehead, withdrawal symptoms common to alcohol or drug withdrawal, flu-like feelings, and severe mood swings. They should last about a week.

Actually, everything you listed is a typical withdrawal from the toxins. Hang in there, and replace one addiction with a healthier one. Do some gardening or walk the dog in the evening. Start at the gym, bike, paint, sew - do whatever you can to steer your thoughts into better places. You should notice that you are sleeping better and have more energy.

Scary that your diet drinks were that addictive, huh?

Re: typical first week symptoms of going off aspartame?

Hang in there benniferobins. You are doing better than I. No aspartame in house anymore, but still succomb having a small soda with fast foods. But, wait I haven't eaten fast foods for almost a month now. Whew! Stay in touch and share your progress. I begin a suppliment detox sept 1. Are you going to head that direction too? Remember to smile and have fun, fun, fun , , ,


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Re: typical first week symptoms of going off aspartame?

I also have the same withdrawls syystoms, i am in my 3 week of detox and it is getting a bit easier, i am sleeping better now & yes my energy had increased, but still got some stomach & depression symstoms which are slowly getting better!!!

Re: typical first week symptoms of going off aspartame?

Make sure to take a multivitamin (a good quality one) because your body has lost out on receiving healthy nutrients daily if it has been receiving diet chemicals as nutrition. Restore the basic nutrients, and you will have a speedier recovery.

Hang in there because this will be worth it!!!