Topic: Alcohol effects for female health

Some thinks alcohol is a good remedy for diabetes while some take it as chronic poisons to health. Is it good for women's health?
There is a controversial link between alcohol and breast cancer. Some research shows that alcohol can increased risk of breast cancer, especially for those who have family members getting the cancer. Mothers in lactation period can take alcoholic drinks with hours' intervals from the latest breast feeding, or alcohol can reduce the secretion of milk temporarily.
Alcohol is rich in which can stomach poisoning if you drink it too much. Actually, how much ethanol beverage you can take depends on different physical conditions between male and female. It can be helpful in reducing death risks if a woman drinks one cup of alcoholic beverage per day and 2 cups for a man. It's not good to drink 5 cups at one night, but 1 or 2 cups per day could be different.

Re: Alcohol effects for female health

Very informative post. it is best to never overdue alcoholic drinks, at anytime.