Topic: Fried chicken and added tBHQ preservatives

I hear about that a popular fried chickencontains something that is often used in petrol. Actually, it can be used as food addictive and a small amount of addictives would not do harm to health.
One of the substances is tBHQ, white or grey in colour in the form of crystallization or crystal powder with slight odour. It is soluble in ethanol, acetic acid, ethyl ester, isopropyl alcohol, but insoluble in water. For most kinds of oil, it's effective in anti-corrosion, especially for vegetable oil. It remain stable in colour mixed with iron and copper, but it can turn pink mixed with alkali.
Compared with other food addictives, such as BHA, BHT and PG, it is more antioxidative and suitable to be added into the food that is rich in fat, especially for vegetable oil, salad oil, blend oil and so on. Thus, it can keep these food stable in quality and prolong service life. It is also tolerant to high temperature, so it can be used in fast food, desserts and fried food, like Nuggets.

Re: Fried chicken and added tBHQ preservatives

Great post, and very good information. The processed foods, like chicken nuggets, are fried in old, rancid, over-used oils, and this certainly is unhealthy. It's chemical food, and THAT is certainly unhealthy!