Topic: recommendations on how much omega 3 per day?

I recently started taking fish oil capsules (1000mg of fish oil per capsule with 300mg of omega 3), but I'm not sure how many to take a day. I'm interested in them to fight inflammation, and not for the heart healthy, but I can't find any info on a recommended daily amount. I'm specifically taking them for a sore foot. I could live with it when I was sitting most of the time, but now at the expo display booths supplier where I work I'm helping out in shipping and am on my feet a lot, and I've got to find a solution for my foot! sad Any recommendations?

update: There isn't a US RDA for Omega3 as far as I can tell and thus not recommended dose on the bottle, but I've been taking four capsules a day (1200mg of omega3) for about 2 weeks and it seems to be helping a lot.

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Re: recommendations on how much omega 3 per day?

your computer search box should bring up the word Dosage.  regardless, use these search words Omega 3's dosage.  What I've seen says 1000 mg. of omega 3's daily is OK.

Re: recommendations on how much omega 3 per day?

It's not on the bottle? Then if it came in a box, it was on the box. Take the minimum amount but do it consistently, and your body will then use it as a daily intake of healthy nutrients and will like the daily consistency. Maintain this routine, even at a lower dose. Consistency means more than the dose.