Topic: Hello to everyone- big sigh of relief, I think I've found the place!

I read your pages and think I've found the solution to my illnes, thank goodness I found you!
I started Slimming World about 2 years ago, and lost 2stone and a bit in a year.  Somewhere along the line, (and having not ever had this in 48 years) I started to get ill.  I got EXTREMELY  violent tummy cramps, aggressive diarhea and vomiting. (taken to emergency in agony at least 3 times) the pain was unbearable (it always starts at around 3am and is like total body purging).   I had all tests, abdominal scans, and the camera down my throat and extensive blood tests, and nothing. I had to start working it out for myself.  I'm sure it's not an allergy, I'm 50 so it would have happened before.  I have also got very forgetful, very anxious, have tummy throbbing, and heart jumps too

We used to eat a very organic diet, so I think I will return to that.

It's not the fault of slimming world, they always recommend healthy eating, but I thought I could still enjoy lots of treats, but I think my intake of sweetners dramatically increased.  I'm so glad I found this site, I can now begin to remove the sweetners from my life.

Re: Hello to everyone- big sigh of relief, I think I've found the place!

I am glad that you found us, too. This information will restore your health and your happy future. The diet products are clearly unhealthy, and the manufacturers wrap people into a dysfunctional and addictive way of looking at food. They make money off everyone's desire to enjoy their food and not gain weight. This is dangerous, for sure. Our health suffers while they get richer.

We all need to consume anything and everything in moderation - from sweet to salty to fatty to carbs. The diet products are marketed to convince you that you can be "irresponsible" by having all the sodas, sweets, and "treats" that you want, without any penalty. THIS is against the Laws of Nature, and any animals - dog, fish, bird or human - who buys into this will become sick in the long run. THAT's the Law of Nature!

Good for you, marina155 - you figured out the deception and will now be healthier for it!