Topic: McDonalds Beef

While I agree with the concept of the article written about foreign beef, the author fails to recognize that we have terribly cruel practices here in the US from Factory Farms. I am a Holistic Health Coach and I have spent this year learning about Factory Farms and watching heart wrenching documentaries about the beef industry. Our country injects antibiotics and growth hormones and according to the Mad Cowboy Howard Lyman the US is still feeding cows to cows and euthenized animals. Outside of the humane farmers who raise their cattle with dignity and feed them grass instead of the GMO corn and soy making the factory farm beef a bad choice all the way around. We don't need anymore nasty Omega 6's. So while he is outing the meat that McDonalds is buying our country is no better. People need to watch the documentary Forks over Knives and reduce meat consumption and only buy organic non factory farmed meat. Meet your Meat, the Meatrix and Animal Testing are 3 youtube documentaries to watch if you can. If after watching you still think that what we are doing to livestock is OK then keep eating but I believe the majority of people will stop and think about what we are supporting.

Re: McDonalds Beef

Thank you for your post. I have to hope that the letter I posted in the newsletter is from one of those ranchers and cattle raisers who IS trying to instill dignity into our beef industry. They may be the minority, but it is good to know that SOME cattle ranchers still maintain some semblance of decency. Not all of them, and probably more than not, are cruel and disrespectful, and this is so disturbing. The American Indian had it right when they only killed what they needed for nutrition, and gave thanks to the animal for giving up its life. Wild animals only kill what they need for food.

Today, we have a gluttonous society that doesn't pay homage to any animal sacrificed for their nutrition. Yes, we need to revisit this industry in it's entirety, and we have to hope that one cattle rancher at a time is instilling respect for the animals providing us our sustenance.

Thank you again for your post. And may we ALL boycott McDonald's!