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My take on the controversial vitamin B17.  First off if you have not gotten or read Dr. Hull’s book “Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet” you should, very interesting and I highly recommend it.  I believe all of us know of the effects of cyanide poisoning, you die, more often than not.  Plant cyanide has been around us all of our lives whether we knew of it or not.  It is contained in the pits, seeds, kernels of many of the fruits and nuts we consume on a daily basis if not on a seasonal basis.  Since I have been reading up on this controversy I made an effort to eat some peach and apricot pits this past season.  Well, after a few attempts and ultimately cracking my knuckles in the attempt I gave up on those two sources.  I did eat the pit of several peaches that had the seed shell split.  The taste is somewhat bitter although sweet, not entirely distasteful.  I will continue to eat any peach pit I come across when eating the peach and the shell is split.   I have been consuming the entire apple and pear when eaten.  This past year I also found out that the kernel of the Loquat fruit has laetrile in it.  There are places that these kernels’ can be ordered.  Isn’t it funny though that the apricot and peach pits cannot be order within the United States but Loquat kernels can.  Any way the recommended consumption of the loquat kernels is 2 per day but the site does not recommend the consumption of them for the understood reason that the FDA would come down on them heavily.   Next season I will try them, they are larger than peach pits in most cases, some are smaller.

Each year when the Choke Cherries are coming in I find a tree that has the sweetest ones and eat a hand full then and there.  If the tree is heavy we have made some terrific jelly from them.  If the tree is not really sweet it does have the somewhat bitter taste of the cyanide.   Another natural fruit is the Elderberry, very beautiful flower and the fruit is very flavorful as well.  The stems, leaves, roots, twigs and seeds of this plant contain cyanide.  Makes a delightful pie, cobbler, jelly or wine.  I have eaten the fruit by the hand full when picking.  While researching this subject I came across many comments on the consumption of the many sources.  Most all were for the control or prevention or elimination of cancer.  In Dr. Hull’s book Dr. Richardson and Dr. Krebs (1923) both supported the use and consumption of all these vital natural sources of laetrile. 

One mention on the argument over eating the pips/pits/kernels or whatever of the fruit is that you should eat the entire fruit, including the seed.  If this were the case you would definitely be rather “full” after eating a bushel of fruit before you die from cyanide poisoning.   Most likely you would probably die from over indulgence rather than poisoning.  The understood level of toxicity of peach pits is about half cup, chopped fine.  I took and filled a half cup with almonds (approximately the same size of peach pits) and came up with 52.  Perhaps add another half dozen to make a full half cup finely chopped and you would have 58.  Now in order to get the 58 pits you would have to eat 58 peaches, large, small, no matter, that is a lot of peaches.  Below are a couple of links I came across.  Just Google “peach seeds” or “apricot seeds” and you will be amazed at what you will discover.  They will not harm you as long as consumed in moderation, remember, eat the entire fruit.  If you find a way to crack the seed hull of peaches and apricots, safely, let me know.


100 grams of moist peach seed contains 88 mg of cyanide.  That’s a fair amount and if you ate 100 grams of peach seed it could be dangerous.  The actual pit from a peach weighs only 10 grams, so if you ate the whole pit you’d only get about 9 milligrams of cyanide in the form of amygdalin and overall this is much less poisonous.

HCN is obtainable from fruits that have a pit, such as cherries, apricots, apples, and bitter almonds, from which almond oil and flavoring are made. Many of these pits contain small amounts of cyanohydrins such as mandelonitrile and amygdalin, which slowly release hydrogen cyanide. One hundred grams of crushed apple seeds can yield about 10 mg of HCN.   Some millipedes release hydrogen cyanide as a defense mechanism, as do certain insects, such as some burnet moths. Hydrogen cyanide is contained in the exhaust of vehicles, in tobacco and wood smoke, and in smoke from burning nitrogen-containing plastics. So-called "bitter" roots of the cassava plant may contain up to 1 gram of HCN per kilogram.

Not sure if this was intended as humorous or not, found on a blog page, not sourced (intentional):
Tuesday, 8 September 2009
How to kill yourself with apple seeds.
Apple seeds average around 0.6mg hydrogen cyanide (HCN) per gram of dry seed. Since the lethal dose of HCN is estimated to be around 50mg, you will need around 85 grams of dry seeds. This is around half a cup... it requires a lot of apples.

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GREAT post, PatB. Great post!

You know, if these "seeds" are so toxic, then why do ALL animals eat the seeds first? Sometimes, they eat just the seeds. My Macaw eats only the seeds, and drops the meat of the fruit to the ground. The next time you are at the zoo, notice that an ape or gorilla will open a peach with its thumbs and dig out the pit. He then cracks the pit open with his teeth and scoops the inner seed out with his tongue. He throws the rest of the fruit (peach) away.

Humanity is so stuck, intellectually. Yes, we have technology, but we appear to have stopped evolving away from "widgets and gadgets." We can't change our color for protection like a Camellian, or transform from a caterpillar into a butterfly. We couldn't travel from Canada to Mexico without a map like birds migrate with no GPS systems.

Nature has provided every living thing with all the tools it needs to survive, but humans have manipulated nature to such a point, we are killing ourselves.

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I just found on the forum a link to this vitamin B17 starting in 2008.  Has personal stories on cancers cured.  I thought I had found all references to this vitamin here but missed this one completely.


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From several personal experiences of B17 curing cancers of different sorts I am certain that it is a really valuable supplement that can be used as a preventative as well as a cure.

This web site is amazing and you can make contact with the owner, Kenton, who can give very good advice on what to take and how much.

Sad that cancer cures have been around for over 30 years and they are still kept so quiet.

I love natural remedies, trhey have always worked so well for me.

Life is certainly a learning curve.

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Jualsy, great reference site, I have bookmarked it and will go back.  I have not, as yet, ordered anything from a European company but may try this.  They have  a tremendous amount of information on cancer.  I read their listing of the foods that contain B17 and am very surprised.  The old adage of eating a balanced (and healthy) diet would include most all of these foods although most are probably in the lower range.

Yes life is certainly a learning curve.  It is too bad that our bodies did not come with an “operators/owner’s manual”, of course our FDA would probably come out and say that it had bogus information in it and would outlaw future printing.

From some of the related topics on this forum cancer cures have been around since the 1920’s and possibly before that.  I am convinced that the ancients most likely knew of the value of what we DON’T eat today.


Re: My Take on B17 is also a good site for B17. Yes, it is tragic that the politics of greed and human arrogance has gotten in the way of intellectual evolution that opens the human being to a future of natural and joyful health.

Humans are trying to control nature and the Earth as a whole. It WON'T work, but it is sad that so many innocents have been harmed along the way.

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Dr. Hull, thanks for the link to  it appears that I have been living in the shadows.  According to their site B17 and apricot kernels are not illegal in the United States only the proclaiming of their health benefits.  I will be ordering from them.  I love dried apricots and will be consuming them together.  Unlike the gorilla you mentioned in above reply, my old teeth could not open the peach seed and my knuckles would not last long either trying to use a nut cracker.  A ball peen hammer and an anvil would work much better.


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That's funny, PatB. My Macaw can open those seeds with one bite. Wouldn't that be cool to be able to do that!?

I know that health food stores are not allowed to sell these products, so I think they are still banned in the US. And B15 and B17 are removed from the B-Complex vitamins. International law allows them to be shipped to the States, but as far as I know, it is technically considered contraband. I hope I am wrong - isn't this more than stupid???