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Like the poster in 2008, I too am detoxing.  Though you said not to stop the detox baths but, to slow down , besides drinking more water, what else can get the lymph moving?  I have adrenal fatigue and cannot do much.

Thank you.

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Would also like your updated suggestions on how to gently cleanse toxins with the green clay, bath and internally.

Thank you

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Have you researched taking a raw adrenal supplement for two to three months? And, trampolines are wonderful for getting your lymph system activated, physically.

Ground mustard seeds are good for pulling toxins out of the bath, too. Whenever in question about how much to use, use the recommended amount, and then lower or raise that amount to what feels good to you.

Re: How to Get Lymph Moving When Detoxing

Very kind to answer so quickly.  So, a touch of ground mustard seed in bath- will it be a very gentle detox? 

Yes, I am taking Ortho Molecular's Adren-All and Zymogen's Corticare-B, 1 , twice a day of each since about a month ago. it has enabled me to get out of bed a few short times a day the last couple of weeks. I had been totally bedridden for six months.  I do wonder if extra ground adrenal gland would be helpful, as Adren-All only has 220 mg per 2 caps. 

I was fine until a doc left me on hydrocortisone ( to raise my free T3- it was low but i felt just fine) months after I told him I was getting more and more anxious by the day and my BP was going up higher and higher.  When they began putting me on different BP meds every 2-3 weeks, I became sick and bedridden for six months, stuck in fight or flight mode.  Now on .50 Xanax three times a day and still stuck in fight or flight-- with an interesting thing. About four nights a week between 4-7 pm I all of a sudden get calm and feel well, anxiety disappears and I can go do the dishes or shower till I fall asleep.  I assume that adrenal supplement trying to balance. 

Along with the side effects of 'doing harm,' my heart enlarged , thyroid, hormones & neurotransmitters are a mess and depression set in.  It's the constant anxiety that is torment.

  Funny thing , when I do get those few hours of normalcy a few hours some evenings, depression flys away and I have hope to get better. I journal, there is no rhyme one
reason as to when or why the good hours or bad days may come! 

Yes, I do rebound, 100 tiny jumps with my feet staying on it. I move my arms hoping that will get the lymph going, too. I'm being positive when I jump knowing it's much better than reclined on the bed!

From tests a year ago, I know I'm heavy metal toxic to a high degree so you see why I need a
very gentile detox.  Considering Detoxamin when I get more balanced and stronger, unless your clay or the ground mustard seed might be a gentler option.  Calm and gentle is what I need!

I appreciate your site and compassion, as I'm sure others do.  Want to move to Tampa?  :-)

I'm interested in which products you carry and would use if this was you.   Thank you so much.

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