Topic: Swollen and painfull finger joints

I have drunk diet coke for 20 years. In the past ten years I have averaged 2 litrs a day.
In the past five years I have suffered from swollen, painful joints, fatigue, depression and lately just do not find joy in anything.
During May to Nov 2011 I was hospitalised 3 times for depression in order to get my medication right. Iam now on Wellbutren but still do not feel well.
On the  4th December 2011 I found your website and realised I was suffering from Aspartame poisoning!
I immediately stopped drinking diet coke. I had no withdrawal headaches and seemed fine for the first 15 days.. then it hit me. I am now suffering from extreme fatigue, my feet and calves feel heavy and the soles of my feet sometimes feel as if they are burning. I feel the heat terribly and I have no motivation to do anything.
I took milk thistle aand dandelion but had such severe diarrhoea that I could not go to work. I am presently taking Heel,s detox kit
Are my withdrawal symptoms normal.
Do you think my finger joints will ever return to normal( I have tested for RA and the test is negative)
I am also concerned about Wellbutren as when I read up on it's chemical structure I saw it has phenaylalinine in it
Please help as I am getting no help from my doctor.
Does anyone know a doctor in South Africa who treats aspartame poisoning.
Thanks for your website, I know warn everone I meet about Aspartame

Re: Swollen and painfull finger joints

Yes, your withdrawal symptoms are normal, and it appears that you need some healthy vitamin fuel, now. I can provide you with some answers through the hair analysis and my on-line counseling, Heather. You can collect all the info you need, design a detox program for your needs, and for the most part, you can do this yourself. You simply need to be taught how and what to do.

Go to and see what looks helpful to you - I work with people all over the world via the net. Let's take advantage of this wonderful communication network while we still have it!

Re: Swollen and painfull finger joints

Heather, the toxic chemicals in the diet sweeteners will collect in your body, and if they don't come out, you'll feel them. I think if you detox and stop consuming these chemicals, your joint pain will go away. It did for me and I didn't go to the doctor for any help. I did this on my own.