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Hey, me again. This may sound silly, but i want to hear other peoples aspartame stories. What symptoms were you suffering from? What did you do to change this? Especially - how long did it take for you to recover? You may be wondering why i want to know. Well, im the type of person whom finds comfort in other peoples experiences. It helps me to have a rough idea of what i will face and how long i have to face this. I am currently on day 35, and have just begun a diet similar to the HCG diet, but a herbal version. I am losing weight great, before i started the diet my withdrawal seemed to be easing. But now that i have started it they have gotten worse. I suspect its because i am more 'detoxing' my body as i am living on fresh, organic food unlike the foods i had before i started it. Also no sugar except for fruit, so experiencing sugar detox aswell tongue Soooo... i am beginning to discover how other things in my life are also making my condition worse (overweight, poor diet, ) and am fixing them to get myself back to the carefree, confident and ultimately happy person i used to be before this crap ruined my life. Well, please reply, share your story and how you are going today smile

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Hey wow, glad to hear you are getting healthy! As an American, allow me to apologize for the capitalst system that sold you poison masqueradihng as yummy food. It is a shameful thing and I feel bad about it, but here in America we have elevated money to a godlike status. Despite that, conservatives are basing their next presidential campaign on the claim that there is too much government regulation, and that is killing profits. I wonder what sort of unscrupulous business practices would exploit the world if they had NO regulations…

I was always a natural eater, never had Aspartame® except accidentally when it would cause me to be agitated and eventually vomit. I must always be careful what I eat because I am extremely sensitive and reactive to adulterants. MSG, nitrates, colorings, corn syrup and many other additives wreck me and take about 12 hours to clear the toxins. Most popular foods are so loaded with unnatural additives that they are inedible to me.

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of people in my situation, we must not eat cheap factory produced food. We are an entire subclass of consumers that the benefits of capitalism have forgotten. I mean, it would be great to be able to eat the cheapest food you can get, and never worry about the consequences. That is the target consumer that big business serves, people who are not like you and me.

I'm sure you are getting the disbelieving reactions from your friends you tell your story to. That you are some sort of health anomaly, or psychosomatic. Inventing all this just to get attention, or as an excuse to be a radical anti-corporate crusader. But you need to accept that you are and will always be in a small minority. There will always be people who have a different metabolism and will ridicule what you are.

Fortunately, where I live in Santa Fe we have a strong culture of rejectionism. I suggest you seek out those kinds of people and align yourself with them. This entire episode for you is like your personal epiphany, let your food intake define what you are and who you will relate to in the future. Become part of the rejectionist minority who are committed to eating less quantity and of more quality. Local naturally produced food is healthful, extremely simple food tastes best.

Retrain your brain to enjoy components. For example, garbanzo beans are considered a food component. But treat yourself to this someday, get natural dried garbanzo beans. Soak 12 hours, boil up a pot and eat a bowlful hot. Maybe a little natural salt added. I promise you will discover a primal and healing experience. You will find yourself stimulating a part of your brain that in the modern human has atrophied from disuse. There are hundreds of species of legumes alone, every one has a unique flavor waiting for your taste buds.

Probably more than you wanted, but a whole new consciousness is opening up for you and you should embrace some parts of it. Whatever feels right for you.

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No thankyou big_smile I want to try and eat as healthy and natural as possible so my body can heal and i can get back to my life. I will also be hopefully leaving home and moving 3 hours away for uni next year, so i need to start building up knowledge of healthy alternatives that i will be able to make while there big_smile Its an exciting thought actually, i can be one of the few at uni whom looks after myself and is happy and healthy, rather than living on cheapo noodles and alcohol tongue

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Great posts, and Gnarlodious - thank you for taking the time to answer with such a good post. You answered exactly as I would have. Ditto, teejay22.