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1st time poster here, I am so glad I found this forum. Earlier this evening my girlfriend and I were talking about some of the health problems I have been having. Sleeplessness,Irritability,headaches,fatigue. This also goes along with the fact that I have end stage renal disease aka kidney failure. Which leads to the heading of my topic.

I have been a religious diet Mt. Dew consumer for going on I'd say about 6 years now. I have been on kidney dialysis for 3+ years now and the worst part is that my doctor cannot nail down what caused this other than high blood pressure. So my question is has there ever been any recorded cases of aspartame being the cause of such a condition? I am only 39 years old and as of today I will no longer support Pepsi Cola or any other corporation that is knowingly poisoning the people with their products.

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Also I would like to add that I did start treating the high blood pressure which was diagnosed 2 years before my kidney failure was detected...sorry 3 am here and I couldn't sleep with this on my mind...also i have had problems with ulcers and had a brief stay with pancreatitis. Any information, advice, guidance at all would be greatly appreciated. Oh and just before I posted this I went and dumped an entire 2 liter of diet mt dew down the drain. smile

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Mikeadon1972 - I am glad you found the forum. I hope others with personal experiences will join this thread. Aspartame contains free methanol, and this is hard on anyone's body. If you have a weakness in your body, toxins weaken them even more.

Yes, the research on the proven toxicity of aspartame is on my newsletter site in the archives. Simply pull up the newsletter at and search for aspartame research in the main article section. The Splenda research is in my book at

Just know that this issue is real, and don't expect much help on this topic from your traditional doctor. His "blessing" that diet sweeteners can't harm you doesn't mean that this isn't really harming your kidneys. Simply take control of your life and health on your own, listen to your doctors but also detox and stop these toxic products, as you have done. You should start to watch your health improve, but you still need to detox and start taking some needed supplements.

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I'll join in - Mikeadon1972, the best thing to do first is learn as much as you can about aspartame because it really is a political issue. Then, find a doctor who doesn't make you feel like a kindergartener and stupid. There are some doctors out there that won't agree with you but they won't shame you. There are fewer doctors out there who will actually agree with you. I went through a dozen doctors before I finally found one in my area who does believe aspartame is toxic. I have stuck with this woman and at the very least she doesn't make me feel like a slave to her.